Why I'm Coming Back To YouTube

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Please watch the whole video. This is very important to me.
I love y'all, so so much!
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Thanks for watching, and much love!

NoahJ456 5 дзён таму
I really tried not to cry in this video. The stuff discussed in here is super important to me, please watch it all.
To High
To High 4 дні таму
Bro i need you to smile you are realy my Favorit BYpostr and streamer.!
crazy tech
crazy tech 4 дні таму
Fellow me guys 🙈🙈🙈
ßilly Florida
ßilly Florida 4 дні таму
Glad youre back Noah. Scared me a little w/ the last video 🙊
swampswine123 4 дні таму
you tryed not to cry i tryed not to cry
Laleb 4 дні таму
I’m 22 years old and I have been watching you since you started, you never changed and you always made me laugh and enjoy my life truly. I feel like you were my inspiration to always be myself and stay true to myself no matter what. I almost cried just watching this you’ve been such a huge part of my life. We all love and appreciate you Noah.
s1k2a3t4e5r6 31 хвіліна таму
I’m so happy you’re back. You’re the only thing that saves me. Take care of you but we love you Noah.
Kedon Braden
Kedon Braden Годину таму
Thank you so much for coming back I cried when I seen that you was ending because man you were my child hood watching all of your cod zombie vids trying to out run you in the jig saw map on cod zombie 3 but never got past you man you was my life and helped me get past a lot and I hope you keep your videos going because I want me own kids to watch you as they grow up because if it could help me it can help our future generation
Preston McCartney
Preston McCartney 3 години таму
soooooo green screen noah??!!!???
Mr.Predator 3 години таму
I reccently discovered this dude and i cant stop wathcing him i am still watching his videos and i buyed BO 2 zombies becaouse of him so i can try Origins,tranzit and other maps. Plz dude dont leave,i started liking you and i just subbed to your channel.Much love from me and dont stop with YT.
Ivan Demendoza
Ivan Demendoza 5 годин таму
Most incompetent youtuber tbh
Mclovin42011 5 годин таму
To be honest with you I’ve watched your videos for 12 years now and I’d hate to see you go your my favorite BYpostr I honestly dream of the day that I get big enough on here that you’d be willing to play zombies with me you inspired me to start my BYpost journey please keep these going and dude word of advice take a vacation everyone needs a break once in a while
MINTY FRESH 6 годин таму
Bro if u wanted to just take a week off you coulda just said that 😐
Immortal Intelligence
Immortal Intelligence 6 годин таму
Keep Going NoahJ your videos are everything to us
907 250r
907 250r 7 годин таму
Who are you? Never knew u left
Dandaa account
Dandaa account 7 годин таму
I subbed i love you! Keep going
michael peterson
michael peterson 8 годин таму
That's deep and very sincere!!! ❤️
BladeRain47 8 годин таму
Your videos help by giving an escape for a bit. The puzzle solving, reactions, and any other things you have done. All of your videos that I've seen have been great. Glad you're coming back man.
omari winiavski
omari winiavski 10 годин таму
Bro omg thank u for coming back we can't go without u my dude
Griffin Money
Griffin Money 10 годин таму
The fact u actually made 2 videos like that😂. So weird
dolita windo
dolita windo 10 годин таму
This is why him and Tim are some of my favorites they help people and they spread the word of love and acceptance, it honestly feels good to see
unknowndy 11 годин таму
I knew the legend would come back within a week
PSGCorn 11 годин таму
The relief
dolita windo
dolita windo 10 годин таму
Go back
JR 11 годин таму
keep making a positive impact king
Hanz 12 годин таму
You make videos everyday you never left wtf
ChaoticMartian 14 годин таму
Bruh came faster than a zombies after round 50
Cades 15 годин таму
How tf do you make a video named "the end" then you make this video after
Matt McN
Matt McN 16 годин таму
BurningMoreXP. 16 годин таму
This sounds like an apology video. 😂😂😭
BurningMoreXP. 16 годин таму
مقلبتك يبووووووويي 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 جحفلنا و اخذ فلوس المشاهدات.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Zyad Alqurashi
Zyad Alqurashi 32 хвіліны таму
Josh924 17 годин таму
Man I’ve been watching you for years. My father took his own life yesterday. Watching your videos have helped me take my mind off of it. Please don’t leave YT. You do a lot for people that you don’t even know.
Kim Eriksen
Kim Eriksen 17 годин таму
Welcome back, we missed you 🎉🥳
Chase Pebelier
Chase Pebelier 19 годин таму
This is what you call empathy thank you so much for everything you do and all you done for me and all the other people watching this again thank you so much and we love you Noah
Daddy 20 годин таму
Summary of video: “I need money”
AvelXBL 20 годин таму
Started watching this in the bo3 era wish I could go back and watch the 24 hour streams of ee hunts lmao I’m glad ur back
The Yuca-clan
The Yuca-clan 22 години таму
Damn your not going away man that’s a bummer oh well what can you do it is what it is I guess
Joel B
Joel B 22 години таму
That was quick
Peashooter master
Peashooter master 23 години таму
Im glad your not leaving I have been watching your streams for sence like gta 4 streams your a legend and dont let anyone say that your not
I Was Watching YouTube
I Was Watching YouTube 23 години таму
Go back
Tristan Patterson
Tristan Patterson Дзень таму
Oops typo woohoo
zacharynrhm miller
zacharynrhm miller Дзень таму
Very happy you came back... but the news was making me very depressed last weekend. You are one of 3 streamers I look forward to watching.
Elijah Drake
Elijah Drake Дзень таму
Idk delete the vid then lol
Miguel Дзень таму
I'm glad that your back I was so worried Noah you were and still are a big part of my life man may God bless you and our community of fellow gamers!!
Odin Plague
Odin Plague Дзень таму
Very happy to have you back man! Your idea about helping other through your videos is a very good idea and a very healthy way of approaching it! I would caution you to not put so much pressure on yourself to be "Happy" or "Positive" in every video as that could cause you issues in the future. Just being honest about your feelings, even if they are bad allows us to connect with you even more as a creator! Nobody is perfect and everyone has off days and being able to see those and support each other with help to grow an even more positive community than you already have!
Adan Rodriguez
Adan Rodriguez Дзень таму
me cxjellybelly
me cxjellybelly Дзень таму
Love u bro
Garrett Hibdon
Garrett Hibdon Дзень таму
dang noah.. your really trying to make me cry
Dead Soul
Dead Soul Дзень таму
Did you guys see him leave, cause I didn't (it never happened my dude)
MiniBike Guy
MiniBike Guy Дзень таму
Shawn Olson
Shawn Olson Дзень таму
Welcome back noah
Eduardo Coreas
Eduardo Coreas Дзень таму
Men I love your content so much keep your hard work ✊💯🔥❤️
Damian Peijnenburg
Damian Peijnenburg Дзень таму
i love this man
KvNgDeGree Дзень таму
Venado Дзень таму
Can anyone summarize the farewell video I haven’t had the chance to watch it
Connor N.
Connor N. Дзень таму
I'm glad you're back.
Nick Miller
Nick Miller Дзень таму
Return of the king
- Rezin -
- Rezin - Дзень таму
Love you Noah!
obaidziz :D
obaidziz :D Дзень таму
Im happy ur back but bruh tf
Get Swifty
Get Swifty Дзень таму
this was nice
The_plugpc T
The_plugpc T Дзень таму
Thank god I seen you videos for a little while now but when I seen that video I thought I was gonna lose 2 of my favorite BYpostrs thank you for staying with me
dasin mason
dasin mason Дзень таму
The like 8th time you've left an came back smh starting to look like the boy who cry wolf
Viking_North Дзень таму
could you just make up your mind if you want to leave or not jeez
Poopface917 Дзень таму
Let’s go are childhood is back
Mr. Smoe
Mr. Smoe Дзень таму
Welcome back big head ♥️
Vogielad2k12 Дзень таму
The return of the legend
Wash Gaming
Wash Gaming Дзень таму
Noah, you’ve been a part of my life, in one way or another, for the last 8 years. When you posted “The End”, I understood. Sometimes you feel like your time has come and that’s okay. And while it was sad to see you go, it was okay too. Because sometimes you need to do things differently. Nevertheless I’m glad to see you’re back and ready to roll. Thank you for all the content you’ve created, and I look forward to what comes next! Stay frosty Noah J
Call of Clancy Eternal
Call of Clancy Eternal Дзень таму
1:52 I kid you not he turned himself into a pickle... funniest shit I ever seen
MethodNice Дзень таму
You left?
Ethan Boucher
Ethan Boucher Дзень таму
I feel so bad for you
Sonic ZHedgehog
Sonic ZHedgehog Дзень таму
Welcome back king
s v n SUPERVIDEONATE Дзень таму
noha is such a positive person.good job bro.
Joey Alvis
Joey Alvis Дзень таму
Thank you just found you like 2 weeks ago and was bummed thinking it was over before i even got started so thank you
Richard Caro
Richard Caro Дзень таму
Izaak Дзень таму
I love you man glad your back❤️
Dolo Future
Dolo Future Дзень таму
I’m sorry I’m late Noah but anyways your videos are my favorite youtuber I have watched you for 5 years now and I love and love your videos more and more you are a good person and the best BYpostr keep up the good work and keep grinding you got this💪🏼💯
Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith Дзень таму
You move mountains man keep doing whatever you feel is right
Aaron aka HanZ
Aaron aka HanZ Дзень таму
I watch you and Dr. D. I really like the your genuine and kind demeanor is the only COD content that I actually like to watch. COD is my favorite game franchise (until halo infinite puts COD back on the shelf) but a lot of the content created around it isn't for me. I appreciate your videos and streams and the fact that you are sticking around. Idk if you go to Therapy but I do and I will be the first to admit that it helps even when you are a regular assed dude with no serious trauma or tragedy in their past or present. Pick up a side hobby to help decompress and don't make content around it. I recommend 3D printing, Gundam models, airbrushing or even hiking.
BuzzerBeaterTV Дзень таму
Love Noah, but kind of disappointed he did something like this. A lot of people have made so many of these “The End” videos which sucked to go through but they eventually came back to it. I’m not pressing any judgment and I’m happy that you’re back but I feel like if this was really the end, it should be the end instead of pulling our strings. Either way, I’m happy that you’re back. I had a hunch that you wouldn’t be completely gone and thank God it’s true. Just some input.
Jake Doc
Jake Doc Дзень таму
really connected to this vid
I Sam
I Sam Дзень таму
thank you this past academic year I have done all online school at texas a and m Galveston and after the freeze, the fishing has absolutely sucked. fishing is one of the things that I had to clear my head and work on me but when that was hurt your videos and your selfless personality were reassurance and a sign that there are still good-hearted people in this world. I had a friend who passed away at about the same time frame and she was that influence that I had in my thoughts and life that always made me what to help people and that role is now filled some of the ways you thank you. I wake up every day now wanting to make someone's day that much better or even easier. it was sad to see that the channel was ending but I always knew that people like you are out there. I cannot think of you enough. I feel that it is worth it to fight to be a better person again. there is always room for improvement no matter how good we are I am not stopping there I want to be the best person I can. thank you.
JacksVlogs Дзень таму
happy 5 mil noah
Envoy Dueling
Envoy Dueling Дзень таму
Realized he has no other income haha. You came back for the money dude.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Дзень таму
Why I’m back. Insert it’s business meme
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez Дзень таму
fucken love you dawg
Isziah Ruru
Isziah Ruru Дзень таму
that didn't last long
Isziah Ruru
Isziah Ruru Дзень таму
@bilishu aliss MMMMM ahhhh yes thank you
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Дзень таму
found your Chanel and seeing how positive you are put me back together I am in a happy relationship now and wanted to thank you for giving me your positive energy.
Trpin Дзень таму
Homie got 1 mil views and decided that wasn't enough so he came back
A Normal Person
A Normal Person Дзень таму
I've been watching your videos for years and you helped me learn my favourite zombies map DE (even the fire bow), and just happy to have you back :D
Seth McDonald
Seth McDonald Дзень таму
we love u noah
Chicken Salmon
Chicken Salmon Дзень таму
I kinda like this. It's like Noah reloaded. A new purpose. A new beginning.
Super lit Boy
Super lit Boy Дзень таму
Let’s go he’s back
Meme_ Lord69
Meme_ Lord69 Дзень таму
Love you bro
Luco Plays
Luco Plays Дзень таму
Glad you are back welcome home love you man. Thanks for all
ZivoHD Дзень таму
views *
nickystixxx 24
nickystixxx 24 2 дні таму
Just seemed like a ploy
ChewwyMonster 2 дні таму
gamer 2 дні таму
Your the best man. Thanks for not leaving. I have been subscribed for so long i cant remember when. Would have been a sad day if you actually leave. I.want to become a streamer one day and help people. Just.not to sure where to start.
Chris Sizemore
Chris Sizemore 2 дні таму
Noah im 43 yrs old i watch your videos and streams with my children . we love your content especially when you play with Milo and Lex there always a blast . you really do help ppl even an old fart like myself at times . Keep up the great work and we are happy your not leaving BYpost
Antonio Knudsen
Antonio Knudsen 2 дні таму
We love you bro
Matthew Ramirez
Matthew Ramirez 2 дні таму
Pineapples are my favorite dude!!! Love the hat!!!
Algorithm 2 дні таму
Noah if you see this I want you to know that you have saved my life in the past your video’s help me through a very hard breakup and I was thanking about killing myself and then I found your Chanel and seeing how positive you are put me back together I am in a happy relationship now and wanted to thank you for giving me your positive energy.
Squidward 2 дні таму
We don’t want you back
Yournextdoorgamer withgames
Yournextdoorgamer withgames 2 дні таму
TL:DR “I realized I have no actual skills in real life, this is all I’m good at.”
Kid Whiteboy
Kid Whiteboy 2 дні таму
well you could've go back and came back in a year or so.
TheGamerO_o 2 дні таму
imma be honest, im mixed on this video. its great hes coming back but damn he does deserve a break. he should of made a video saying he'll be back in a few months or something. but glad hes back i suppose
justlilguys 2 дні таму
So happy you aren’t leaving man. Really really enjoy your videos
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