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Roman Atwood Vlogs

Roman Atwood Vlogs

8 дзён таму

Thank you so much for the warm welcome of our new baby. We love you.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on BYpost since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Terminator0208 Годину таму
Does anyone know why he can’t make vids anymore
Eskil Clausager
Eskil Clausager Годину таму
I really missed watching your videos
Apache Chase Roadrunner
Apache Chase Roadrunner Годину таму
Omg Roman , congratulations to you both and welcome to the world knox . I missed you guy's so much and I was worried about you guy's !!! Welcome back .
Mr Bird000
Mr Bird000 Годину таму
iexz 2 години таму
I remember the days when his videos were hours long and i would literally watch the entire thing.😭😭😭🤧
rickey hall
rickey hall 2 години таму
so glad that you are all well
Nardi005 2 години таму
Lol my name is Luke congratulations 🎉
Levi Scott
Levi Scott 3 години таму
Wow I miss watching these videos so much!!! I really hope you guys get to start making them again
- browneii
- browneii 3 години таму
This man refuses to pull out I stg
PMC John
PMC John 3 години таму
I honestly cannot wait to see Knox grow up! Even this young he seems like he is going to be an amazing and brilliant kid, I'm also willing to bet once he gets into his late teens, he will be an extremely wise person. Congrats to both of you and I'm glad that everyone is doing well!
PeanutButter JellyTime
PeanutButter JellyTime 3 години таму
Has he told his secret yet!??? I’ve been waiting to see what he has to say.
My Mom
My Mom 3 години таму
Hearing Roman say “your beautiful, your one of a kinda, smile more” made me tear up a little.
Jonathan Vaz
Jonathan Vaz 3 години таму
He’s a chunkier 🥺🥺
Shannon Donaldson
Shannon Donaldson 4 години таму
Congratulations To You All
Casey Johnson
Casey Johnson 4 години таму
In a world where 3 million people watch a video about two tiresome schleps babbling about a baby in one cliche after another
Nassir Lee
Nassir Lee 4 години таму
Come back to BYpost we need in our life’s know
TTV Sledge
TTV Sledge 4 години таму
Have been checking back everyday since this was posted
fv17l 4 години таму
Gongrats ❤️
india dodson
india dodson 4 години таму
I completely forgot she was pregnant until I saw this
sonnyd 4 години таму
Congrats guys
Myriah Cote
Myriah Cote 4 години таму
Omg congratulations! I missed so much
Kalie Hoes
Kalie Hoes 4 години таму
I love the name! I’m so happy for you guys! Ugh every time I see a BYpost having their baby, it just makes me want mine here so bad. He’s almost here. 2 and a half months and man is it going by so fast lol
Johnny Orrand
Johnny Orrand 5 годин таму
I was 15 pounds I'm big
david wall
david wall 5 годин таму
Good blessed y’all 🙏🙏
GA GUY VLOGS 5 годин таму
Knox like Knoxville I love it
qt_ sap
qt_ sap 5 годин таму
Can you please do constant post i love you guys
Bill Green
Bill Green 5 годин таму
He only makes videos for his family
DilVac 5 годин таму
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 5 годин таму
The “you’re beautiful you’re one of a kind smile more” makes me emotional ❤️
MARCUS DENOUSSE 6 годин таму
another edition to the family
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 6 годин таму
Congratulations guys. As for the 2.5k dislikes grow up.
Salt Water Reef Fishing
Salt Water Reef Fishing 7 годин таму
Congratulations To both of you well desirve, thanks 🙏 god everything went well with mom and 👶! Miss you guys, hope you guys can resolve what ever is going on your life on the best terms. Blessings!
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 5 годин таму
Hey my name is Luke that put a smile on my fave
Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz 7 годин таму
i love love love the name. if i ever have a boy, knox was one of my names i picked. congratulations❤️
Jessica Kittle
Jessica Kittle 7 годин таму
Omg he's so adorable congratulations
CyberWolf 5 7 8
CyberWolf 5 7 8 7 годин таму
Knox’s birthday is just a day after mine :)
Nolan Knox
Nolan Knox 7 годин таму
My full name is Nolan Reiley Knox no joke I promise. Congratulations guys
Nolan Knox
Nolan Knox 7 годин таму
Can’t wait for the future videos with him and the other kids. My brother said you should give my stuff because you used my last name lol he’s crazy . Hope I can see you guys one day.
Jonathan Vosberg
Jonathan Vosberg 8 годин таму
I love you guys so much
Willie Nutter
Willie Nutter 8 годин таму
Congrats Roman!
CRIS __ 8 годин таму
Hawk looks different
Emily's Simple Glam
Emily's Simple Glam 8 годин таму
Im Happy to hear you both are Healthy. And that your both ok. Love watching your videos still.
Mike Mic
Mike Mic 8 годин таму
How beautiful thank you for these moments from day one till the end of this
gaming with ashton
gaming with ashton 8 годин таму
Its been so long❤
Gaming Marker
Gaming Marker 8 годин таму
Dang I got a month till my baby brother is born 🥰 May god bless you guys and be safe 🙏🙏
Gaming Marker
Gaming Marker 8 годин таму
O my goodness
Strickland Series
Strickland Series 9 годин таму
I like fishing 🤙
Crystal H
Crystal H 9 годин таму
Congratulations Knox is absolutely adorable!!
luke lighty
luke lighty 9 годин таму
Hey my name is Luke that put a smile on my fave
Outdoors Or die
Outdoors Or die 9 годин таму
Yep wish I could change my name lol
Luis P
Luis P 9 годин таму
I had my son last November named him Luke.
Jess T.
Jess T. 10 годин таму
Unfortunately Knox is pretty common now too. However, still a strong name!!! One of my friends twins is Knox!
Yfrit 10 годин таму
My name is Luka whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
S Randall
S Randall 10 годин таму
When are you gonna get the new star for the new baby?
Gxlden 10 годин таму
still the best family on yt
MRC_ 1995
MRC_ 1995 10 годин таму
I love the unique name picking!!!
Parker Fisher
Parker Fisher 10 годин таму
Dude stop disliking this video
Parker Fisher
Parker Fisher 10 годин таму
Congratulations !!!!!
JayJay L C
JayJay L C 10 годин таму
ItsGot'emXx 10 годин таму
where is her ring!
P cj
P cj 11 годин таму
First of all grats on ur new family member. But Roman ur family werent allowed into the hospital for their own safety. bc we r living through exceptional times in the middle of a pandemic...I can understand ur point but at the same time u need to understand how many people have died because of this lethal virus. Stay safe both of u
No Vegans Or Vegetarians Allowed
No Vegans Or Vegetarians Allowed 11 годин таму
*I'm Single Never Married ZERO KIDS!! Practically NO RESPONSIBILITIES!!! And I'm 47 Years Old!!*
Klay Smith
Klay Smith 11 годин таму
So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No Vegans Or Vegetarians Allowed
No Vegans Or Vegetarians Allowed 11 годин таму
*You Do Realize...He MAY Be Called Knox Gelatin, Right?! LOL!!*
DAYZPOPPIN 11 годин таму
Huge Congrats to you both hope you all have an awesome 2021
No Vegans Or Vegetarians Allowed
No Vegans Or Vegetarians Allowed 11 годин таму
*How In The HELL!! Does She Always Look So Thin...After Having So Many Kids?!*
Carley Brewster
Carley Brewster 11 годин таму
No Vegans Or Vegetarians Allowed
No Vegans Or Vegetarians Allowed 11 годин таму
*Congratulation's!! But, How many Kids Do You Want?! DAMN!! You All Have TO MANY!! LOL!!*
Charlie Fearn
Charlie Fearn 11 годин таму
Bet the name is zach
Lorenzo Giombini
Lorenzo Giombini 11 годин таму
Cynical 11 годин таму
I'm convinced you guys never used condoms before congrats he looks so precious :)
Xander Dahlgren
Xander Dahlgren 11 годин таму
Congratulations Atwood family!!!
Knock Knock
Knock Knock 12 годин таму
Janet R
Janet R 12 годин таму
Miss yall
Teresa Wardle
Teresa Wardle 12 годин таму
take all the time you need to post your next vid
Teresa Wardle
Teresa Wardle 12 годин таму
such a cute baby boy and a amazing name
Krystle Rogers
Krystle Rogers 12 годин таму
Beautiful love the name:)
Nathan Wilson
Nathan Wilson 12 годин таму
Congratulations! Glad everyone is healthy!!!
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez 12 годин таму
Such a beautiful boy, welcome to the world Knox! Can’t wait to see you grow up🥺💕
Chemaslice 12 годин таму
How could you dislike a video were it’s about a baby🤦🏽‍♂️🤔
isaias`s vlogs
isaias`s vlogs 12 годин таму
3rd baby
Nolan Stiverson
Nolan Stiverson 12 годин таму
Skye Berry
Skye Berry 12 годин таму
And I miss them so much ❤️
Leon Wall
Leon Wall 12 годин таму
knox knox knoxing on Atwoods door!! Brit looks so good being more natural and a bit of weight on her! congrats guys.
Skye Berry
Skye Berry 12 годин таму
I’ve been watching there channel for a long time to see when they will post next I’m so happy for them
Saeed Alshehri
Saeed Alshehri 12 годин таму
Knock knock ✊🏼 Who’s there? Knox Knocks who? Your dad knocks your mum
Basem A
Basem A 8 годин таму
Christina Lynn
Christina Lynn 13 годин таму
Just now getting around to watching this, but omg🥺❤️❤️ so incredibly proud of you gorgeous ppl🥺💙💙
J C 13 годин таму
love you bro!
Misael Sanchez
Misael Sanchez 13 годин таму
cried at 0:55 lol
Gloria Wade
Gloria Wade 13 годин таму
To everyone that is mad at them for leaving , do you understand what they went threw ??? What if all that pressure on you ? Don't act like you could do better because these people changed lives and stuff ??? I've been watching them with my family since it was just pranks every week ??? What about you ??? How rude can you be also why would u unlike a video of a baby ...let alone their baby 🤔why are people so mad at Roman because he left how selfish are you thinking you deserve all these videos when these people went threw alot . His real fans and family would never act like this even if he took 5 years off BYpost ❤️ we'd just be glad he's back right?
Addison Bazulis
Addison Bazulis 14 годин таму
What’s his name?
king matter
king matter 14 годин таму
So glad you are uploading again I missed you im sorry I'm late I just wasn't ready
Anna's inconvenience
Anna's inconvenience 14 годин таму
I'm so happy like this family makes me so happy! Even if they don't post.. it's their life!
Rebecca Robinson
Rebecca Robinson 14 годин таму
Allyson Ames
Allyson Ames 14 годин таму
That is so ironic I live on Curra rd. In Knox Maine
Blake Hinton
Blake Hinton 14 годин таму
Congratulations Roman hope the best for you and your family. Welcome to the world Knox Atwood
thegamemaster20 channel
thegamemaster20 channel 14 годин таму
Congratulations welcome to the world
Jilly Walsh
Jilly Walsh 14 годин таму
I wasn’t expecting that name but it’s actually really cool and unique❤️
Dru2you 14 годин таму
Knox was born on my birthday Happy Born Day
Descenders _
Descenders _ 15 годин таму
Wish I was bought in a life with roman
Caleb Driscoll
Caleb Driscoll 15 годин таму
VvRevxngexx 15 годин таму
Dude my nephews name is Knox and he was born last year
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