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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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dumidu wanigasekara
dumidu wanigasekara 2 години таму
2:14 that what she said when she saw it
BTC 3KXnLyApwFtfDhSViUMpRtQuzR91KvfgnB
BTC 3KXnLyApwFtfDhSViUMpRtQuzR91KvfgnB 17 годин таму
no fps counter on the screen ? this channel is bogus
Dmar 20 годин таму
i can`t even run a 1080p video without getting the load sign
Dengaz 22 години таму
is that world of warcraft i see? 5:00
Jerome Parnell
Jerome Parnell 23 години таму
Unreal engine 5 does 8k textures.
Sprits Fal
Sprits Fal Дзень таму
Damn you could buy this tv OR.... a current year car! (Tbh I'd use the tv far more than the car so that puts a lot into question.)
Danny Shot
Danny Shot Дзень таму
It be making Linus look fake.
African Internet
African Internet Дзень таму
30,000 dollars 30,000 ... 30. .. never mind.
Al13n1nV8D3R Дзень таму
Who needs to look outside your house when you can look outside your house via 8K Red Camera streaming 8K live footage to your 8K LG TV using 5G Millimeter wave. Who needs to go outside anymore?
It be Goij
It be Goij Дзень таму
Anurag Yadav
Anurag Yadav Дзень таму
i am watching this 8k review in 480p 😂
Demure Abyss7
Demure Abyss7 Дзень таму
Do red dead redemption 2 then the 3090 will chug
Mateusz Nowak
Mateusz Nowak Дзень таму
6:16 is that a far?
Jonathan Peña
Jonathan Peña 2 дні таму
This made me sad my computer can't run the video at 8K instead of buttery smooth 4K. I just can't keep up.
Overdose 2 дні таму
I just came back to say that my 3570k@4.5GHz could not play this video without stuttering. I have since upgraded to a 5600X and it's smooth af
Lamarro 2 дні таму
im getting triggered so hard you holding the card squezing the vent xD
Bulging Battery
Bulging Battery 2 дні таму
now, try running crysis remastered at 8K with every single graphics slider set as high as it can possibly go.
crowntotheundergroud 3 дні таму
12:11 look how massive that card is omg! I have the evga 3090 ftw and its about the same size as the 2080 ti ftw, maybe even a little smaller.
Al13n1nV8D3R Дзень таму
3090 ftw is an evga design not a reference or founders edition design and they manage to make it smaller
Lee Keane
Lee Keane 3 дні таму
i'm using gtx1060 lol
oggy jack
oggy jack 4 дні таму
Buys a 8k monitor. Uses mouse and a keyboard...
oggy jack
oggy jack 4 дні таму
2:17 Thats what she said.
Funny animal Videos
Funny animal Videos 4 дні таму
You are so annoying with your high pitched little girl voice
Jerome Parnell
Jerome Parnell 4 дні таму
Consoles will have 8K, 60fps by holiday 2028.
PocketLuigi 4 дні таму
Me: *cries in 360p*
dave_pilot 4 дні таму
anti aliasing will die out in a few years.
dave_pilot 4 дні таму
and i am sitting here thinking about waiting for rocket lake or buying a 10900k now...
DaggerCatz 4 дні таму
And then there is me who sees individual pixels on 1080p when im decently far away..
Nikoloz Shekeladze
Nikoloz Shekeladze 5 дзён таму
me wachin this on 144p
LazarusRox 5 дзён таму
anyone want to buy me a 3090 and an 8k tv
Emiliano Enríquez
Emiliano Enríquez 5 дзён таму
2:17 holy *Epic LTT*
Tony Connolly
Tony Connolly 5 дзён таму
nice hair lol
Jerry Powell
Jerry Powell 5 дзён таму
Did they even try to put the panel on?
Zev Wacks
Zev Wacks 5 дзён таму
when i saw the 3090 next to the case i thought it was micro atx
Lil Stonks
Lil Stonks 5 дзён таму
Sooo the 3090 can game at 8k with about the same fps as my 1060 at 1080p bruh
Masud Khan
Masud Khan 5 дзён таму
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Tera bap hu
Tera bap hu 6 дзён таму
1TGF43T1TGFFGT143TR UEFHROWHEF0931434 6 дзён таму
8K GAMING OR 4 WIFES. - choice is yours.
PigNu 6 дзён таму
The time where they record 8k footage, They don’t have 4k resolution on this youtube video
Poking My Nose
Poking My Nose 5 дзён таму
You don't have a device that can handle 8k
Tarek Mansur
Tarek Mansur 6 дзён таму
Mohammed Hafiz
Mohammed Hafiz 7 дзён таму
2:18 that's what she said
J of Ace
J of Ace 7 дзён таму
D A M N sana ol
Julien Perlstein
Julien Perlstein 7 дзён таму
remember 1080p...
Silent Autumn
Silent Autumn 7 дзён таму
Will it Cry Runsis? Also: Run Overwatch on it with 200% render scale and enjoy 8x4=? k resolution.
AstroDad 7 дзён таму
I can't even afford top watch this video
Jox Ovich
Jox Ovich 7 дзён таму
This is such a long ad.
Jox Ovich
Jox Ovich 7 дзён таму
Wouldnt a 6900 be capable of this aswell?
Just Channel
Just Channel 7 дзён таму
"i don't want the motiom blur to color people's perception" so turn it fucking off
Autism Cat
Autism Cat 7 дзён таму
when you have more vram than normal ram
Darcy_MM 8 дзён таму
when i turned on 8k for my video my wifi couldnt run it 0_0
Tomoqx 8 дзён таму
What case is that
PitiedMold 8 дзён таму
I bought an 8k screen today. Now only left is an Xbox series x
please DON'T CHECK my YouTube channel
please DON'T CHECK my YouTube channel 8 дзён таму
Still can't handle minecraft tnt explosion
Diran Rugunanan
Diran Rugunanan 8 дзён таму
01:49 I was thinking that in my head 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
Chadders 8 дзён таму
What would Fs2020 look like at 8k on ultra? like so linus can see this
Fernando Ramos
Fernando Ramos 9 дзён таму
That’s what she said 😂
Caio Roberto
Caio Roberto 9 дзён таму
2:17 thats what she said
Snack See
Snack See 10 дзён таму
Good video, but I hope Nvidia can play 16K resolution 240FPS . So slow
Rene Eta
Rene Eta 10 дзён таму
Wtf 8k gaming at 60FPS....but for this to be possible your pockets should be screaming cheddar 💰
jdengsky1 10 дзён таму
Every day. There is new upgrade and better product. Competition drives innovation so quickly.
jdengsky1 10 дзён таму
Can you imagine what kind of work environment in their test building.
Robert Sarvaš
Robert Sarvaš 10 дзён таму
Its not native 8k gaming ,, its 1440p with Nvidia DLSS 2.1 upscaling to 8k ... Its like when u going to buy car and they give u Nissan ... Its car but definitely not what u go for ..
nightCity 10 дзён таму
real question is can it run next gen games on 8k?
Paramjit Mondal
Paramjit Mondal 10 дзён таму
Imagine putting all the light's off and home theater's on. Woahhh you already into that gaming world.
Andrew Ritieni (GHRG)
Andrew Ritieni (GHRG) 11 дзён таму
I used to watch a channel called “thirtyir” that did 4x SLI Titan XPs and played at 8K
aeroripper 11 дзён таму
Not impressed, run Red Dead Redemption 2 at ultra settings at 8K 60fps and then I'll be impressed.
Walleyedcoin 11 дзён таму
Man went from saying it was a "30k MONITOR!" to opening like a used Lego set on pavement with some random dude helping him lmao.
Plan - Views
Plan - Views 11 дзён таму
Lumion11is available now |Real-life Architectural & Interior photorealistic rendering Animation view bypost.info/label/v-d-a/q7SO0G2sldLDya0.html
Gud Boi
Gud Boi 11 дзён таму
2:18 That's what she said
Mighty Gamer
Mighty Gamer 11 дзён таму
I have one 3090
-PTR- ahfuba
-PTR- ahfuba 11 дзён таму
* Linus getting excited * My ears: *My time has come :')*
Onyx Core
Onyx Core 12 дзён таму
Linus is nearly becoming the god of Tech and Gaming.
Onyx Core
Onyx Core 12 дзён таму
That's a graphics card , it's looks like a console , DANG BOI !.
Bad Username Creator
Bad Username Creator 12 дзён таму
The only thing this shows is how well optimised Doom is
aeroripper 11 дзён таму
Yeah Doom runs great even on lower end PCs (unsurprisingly, ID engines are usually well optimized).
Isaac Elisaldez
Isaac Elisaldez 12 дзён таму
Twss. Classic
Team Arrow
Team Arrow 12 дзён таму
ps5: am i a joke to you?!
D LF 13 дзён таму
Love you're wallpaper. Classic.
David The Percussionist
David The Percussionist 13 дзён таму
2:18 when she sees “it” for the first time
adityagivesPDF 2 дні таму
Aben Falsten
Aben Falsten 14 дзён таму
You need the same screen as in the video to be able to watch it on 8K😐
NoisySnale'causeI'm NOISY
NoisySnale'causeI'm NOISY 14 дзён таму
NoisySnale'causeI'm NOISY
NoisySnale'causeI'm NOISY 14 дзён таму
Bdpjev 14 дзён таму
Why are we still talking about 60 FPS?
DarkShadowCyber Darkness
DarkShadowCyber Darkness 14 дзён таму
which hdmi 2.1 kabel linus use
Yes Memes
Yes Memes 14 дзён таму
What’s faster, 3080 ti or 3090 ti.
Avi Nahir
Avi Nahir 15 дзён таму
Yes, but can it run Crysis?
Daniel 15 дзён таму
This makes the PS5 obsolete
J.T. Illingworth
J.T. Illingworth 15 дзён таму
I guess my 800x600 isn’t so good anymore.
Jay Tat
Jay Tat 15 дзён таму
Me: yes I finally got a 4K tv! Linus: we got a 600k tv!
Heiberg 15 дзён таму
It looks insane, I would love to experience it my self and Not through BYpost, I dont Think i get all the details 😅
Soumyajit Podder
Soumyajit Podder 15 дзён таму
RTX 3080 can also run games in 8k.
Eric Glueckert
Eric Glueckert 15 дзён таму
"It's 88" and it still looks good", that's something to tell your wife/girl friend.
Tommahawk04 16 дзён таму
I actually expected him to drop it 😂 But nice video
InsanifiedGaming 16 дзён таму
1499. That’s about as expensive as my pc.
Abdirahman Mohamed
Abdirahman Mohamed 16 дзён таму
watching this at 240p
Ivan Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez 16 дзён таму
You get so much child eyes with smile on this video, and guess I would have the same ! Like a child who play for the first time to his first game ! Loved that !
TheDiamondN0Ob 16 дзён таму
Can I play tetris on this tho?
Robert Schulz
Robert Schulz 17 дзён таму
What ??? 40.000 bugs for 8k Tv but not enough money for the right powersupply with native 12-pin.
Bhagath Goud
Bhagath Goud 17 дзён таму
I'm imagining 'going back into time and giving this pc to popular scientists'
qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm 17 дзён таму
If you can do 8K at 60FPS, does that mean you can do 2K at 240FPS?
Explore what's around you _ استكشف ماحولك
Explore what's around you _ استكشف ماحولك 17 дзён таму
uhhhh wait -- you cant active ur win10 ? lol
Susboy7 18 дзён таму
*Cries in 1060 ti*
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