Machine Gun Kelly ft. Halsey - forget me too [Official Music Video]

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Machine Gun Kelly - Tickets To My Downfall is available now!
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SusieSanDiego 10 хвілін таму
Brings back warped tour vibes in the early 2000s ;)
Bella Годину таму
Let me take my fuckin' bracelet off You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too You tell me you hate me Baby, yeah, I bet you do Damn I saw you walk in the room and I tried my best Not to panic while I'm lookin' for the back door I smell the perfume and it's obvious I'm gonna stay and put my key in the back more I can't, I can't, I can't pretend to forget you The reason I punch a hole in the wall back home And then, and then, and then a couple hours later we're in Room 29 at The Chateau I left before you woke up I don't feel right (see your soul burn) You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too You tell me you hate me Baby, yeah, I bet you do I'm keepin' you waitin' But I won't wait on you You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too I've wasted so much time Waitin' around for your phone calls every night My bad dreams are silk screens 'Cause I taste blood when you bleed It's eatin' me alive We'd both be better off alone Still think I'd get you on the phone With one last breath in me I'd die before I'd let you leave You left before I woke up Why don't I ever see you sober? You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too You tell me you hate me Baby, yeah, I bet you do I'm keepin' you waitin' But I won't wait on you You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too Hey you Tell me why you do the things that make me hate you? It's an emotional kaleidoscope when I face you Permanent calligraphy, I just tattooed your name on me forever You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too You tell me you hate me Baby, yeah, I bet you do I'm keepin' you waitin' But I won't wait on you You want me to forget you Okay, forget me too
nick retzler
nick retzler Годину таму
That’s me at the beginning when I strip a bolt/nut 😂
WiZKiD OP Годину таму
Miss your rap bruh 🖤😔
Andre Tomasevic
Andre Tomasevic Годину таму
Que som é esse mano? Top demais!!!! Que MGK Siga essa linha e venha para o Brasil. E traz o Blink junto kkkkk
Dominick nicole
Dominick nicole Годину таму
I feel this song so much I sent it to my x 😔😂😂😂😂😂😻😍
Copimi 2 години таму
Nevaeh Mills
Nevaeh Mills 2 години таму
love this song
Sahara Sumner
Sahara Sumner 2 години таму
I dont like Halsey in this she doesnt sound great screaming like that. But mgk is good.
Alistair Hardman
Alistair Hardman 2 години таму
Remember when WWE superstar Kevin Owens put MGK through a table??
Cindy Ellen
Cindy Ellen 3 години таму
lucu bet :D and both of them surprisingly nailed this genre
And iu And
And iu And 3 години таму
Ariel Winchester
Ariel Winchester 3 години таму
This is the collaboration I didn’t know I needed in my life!!!! These two together makes some sick ass music!!!
thang phan
thang phan 3 години таму
is anyone trying to grow hair like him???? cus I am
[BBG] Ultrabeast Demondicc
[BBG] Ultrabeast Demondicc 4 години таму
It’s weird how this 30 year old mans sound was stolen from a dead 21 year old, keep up the good work nerd I’m sure Peep loves watching you dress up like him.
Francelis Faris
Francelis Faris 4 години таму
Why i feel like im on 2004 again with this song?
mike197606 4 години таму
What happen to MGK? This is him now? WTF. LOL
lethal beauty
lethal beauty 4 години таму
Gashend Zone
Gashend Zone 5 годин таму
Mark Hoppus with the guitar ft Avril Lavigne with Travis Barker at the drum
Karson Orrick
Karson Orrick 6 годин таму
Kevin Helmer
Kevin Helmer 6 годин таму
You tell me you hate me baby i yeah i bet you dooo
Naught-thing 6 годин таму
This is a rare fucking gem right here, a piece of history today :O
Castle Dshell
Castle Dshell 7 годин таму
Fun fact
Paweł Zieliński
Paweł Zieliński 7 годин таму
Every fan of MGK and Halsey must comment this video:
Buggy Layton
Buggy Layton 7 годин таму
Man. Your music had motivated me so much. I'm here to be more haha maybe not be rich but I'm here to help people. I'm almost done with my nursing certification on my course to be a firefighter. Recovering from alcoholism and dope addiction. Haha this life ain't easy unless you want to put in work. The pain is not for nothing. Chin up chest out. Not a fake. I just turn my pain into passion. If you don't see this that's fine. Just know thanks man for helping me keep tunnel vision.
cutiekins bellakins
cutiekins bellakins 7 годин таму
Pretty sure this is about him and megan , but don’t care cuz it slaps, and i am suddenly back in 2002
sir quagsire
sir quagsire 8 годин таму
Good song but yeah trying to battle eminem no go,lol anyways he is better in this type of music.
Mădălin Dragotă
Mădălin Dragotă 9 годин таму
Salma Gomez
Salma Gomez 9 годин таму
Fwins Animation
Fwins Animation 9 годин таму
Saved my 2020
Peter Woodberry
Peter Woodberry 10 годин таму
you can tell he practiced getting on that motorbike
Cassie Freeman
Cassie Freeman 10 годин таму
I like your rap
Saya Rai
Saya Rai 10 годин таму
This song is so good I feel like listening anime op and dam... I love it🤘✌️
andrea slaski
andrea slaski 10 годин таму
PrivateEventsmgmt is here for all your event needs!!!
Hilsa Permata
Hilsa Permata 11 годин таму
This mv deserve 100M viewers 🥺
Juan Koopz
Juan Koopz 11 годин таму
Its a time machine D:
halfasianboi69 11 годин таму
i can see the effect of Eminem... man's started making rock music.... killshot really made you change huh
Riftin 12 годин таму
2:01 kinda looks like old mgk
Jimmi James
Jimmi James 12 годин таму
I was hoping this was going to memic “sail” with that ending.
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson 12 годин таму
Ain't no one going to mention that she's dresses like Megan Fox did in transformers? 😂
The Combat Cactus
The Combat Cactus 12 годин таму
MGK kills it at hip hop and...whatever this is, but his wrench mimework is garbage.
Julio Prado
Julio Prado 12 годин таму
Desde que Eminem lo mató no hubo otra opción que hacerce rockero
M On
M On 13 годин таму
Ethan Avina
Ethan Avina 13 годин таму
I still wonder why he not a rapper no more mabey after he dissed eminem
Jarrod 13 годин таму
Atleast his bike started at the end 🤣👌
King Kong T
King Kong T 13 годин таму
halsey sounds weird. is it just her vibratos? If yes, then I'm an idiot for saying halsey'v voice sounds weird.
BENJAMIN Adams 13 годин таму
Not the hero punk deserved but needed.
got milk
got milk 14 годин таму
Are we going to talk about how this is all because of travis barker.
Sierra Ballard
Sierra Ballard 14 годин таму
Fuck Halsey should change genres. She’s like a mix of flyleaf/evanescence/paramore and I’m digging it so hard
Johnnie Girl
Johnnie Girl 14 годин таму
The best thing about this joint is Travis Barker 🥁😉😍
Dominick nicole
Dominick nicole 14 годин таму
Nick Schultz
Nick Schultz 14 годин таму
Those tattoo's look stupid. His parent's should've bought him a coloring book when he was a kid.
Just Ellie
Just Ellie 14 годин таму
I´m in love with mgk´s straight hair
MissElody Cam
MissElody Cam 14 годин таму
In love with this song
Scott Lowman.
Scott Lowman. 14 годин таму
This has been done before. Ummmm 90s.
ItsAubs 15 годин таму
This is my favorite SONG
Verbunden 15 годин таму
Lmao pop punk making a come back in 2020 is just hilarious to me. This is unreal. And the fact that it is rappers who reintroduce it makes it even more hilarious.
Three wheeler boyz
Three wheeler boyz 15 годин таму
Namielle Consuji
Namielle Consuji 16 годин таму
it's funny how he's singing rock now.
VXLIII 8 16 годин таму
Truly Drippy
Truly Drippy 16 годин таму
Hey it's the dude who got Ended by Eminem
Bruno Naletto
Bruno Naletto 16 годин таму
Halsey was born to sing this kinda song
Taylor 16 годин таму
Mgk cool and all but good god can Halsey be any finer?
haus-of-gasa 17 годин таму
I don't usually like Halsey but I really like how she sounds in this genere
Laude Calpenter
Laude Calpenter 17 годин таму
*!!!Bi panic!!!*
Confxsed Peach
Confxsed Peach 18 годин таму
Sometimes, I forget this man tried to go up against Eminem
Phil TeeRich
Phil TeeRich 18 годин таму
Eminem killed him so bad it knocked the rap right outta mgk turning him into an emo punk 💀
greeniechu 18 годин таму
Halsey kinda looks like Amy Lee here :,) i live for it
Tyler Turnbull
Tyler Turnbull 18 годин таму
No gals fingered papayas in this video and no one broke an orange ethier so petty that we care about fruit when gals are more than happy to let you do the dutty tho
Sara Fargo
Sara Fargo 18 годин таму
Anyone else feel H's voice is unbearable in this song?
Archaea Zero
Archaea Zero 16 годин таму
Sofia Alvarez
Sofia Alvarez 18 годин таму
I came here right after I saw them performing at the AMA's 2020. I love this song, I think I'm a fan of them now uwu
Lau Mat Mor
Lau Mat Mor 18 годин таму
Антон Антоныч
Антон Антоныч 19 годин таму
Blink meets Avril
Marley 19 годин таму
Simple Stan
LONI 19 годин таму
I listened to killshot the other day and i have to admit... Em really destroyed his rap career
Luis Solis Zuñiga
Luis Solis Zuñiga 19 годин таму
Fortnite It’s to ez
Fortnite It’s to ez 19 годин таму
Conor Greenhalgh
Conor Greenhalgh 19 годин таму
Eminem fucked u up big time
Josh Covey
Josh Covey 19 годин таму
Damn, Em really did end this mans rap career, Halsey is still amazing... MGK gone emo tho
Alex Carrasco
Alex Carrasco 20 годин таму
2008 now
T3R3Z1 PYROP3 20 годин таму
why is this an anime opening
Zara Paris
Zara Paris 20 годин таму
Since starring in the dirt he’s turned into a rockstar
Jimmi James
Jimmi James 12 годин таму
Without a doubt. He has to have separate lifestyles, but I feel the rockstar lifestyle he can experience is what we all want to experience and that is an experience. If that makes sense.
lenny108 20 годин таму
0:07 can he really repair a bike?
Anonymous 21 годину таму
Eminem got MGK so shook he stopped rapping and changed Genres what’s a shame.
shayシ 21 годину таму
honestly you don’t know what tf your talking ab 😂😂😂😂😂 mgk never stopped rapping. his next album is a rap album. and mgk isn’t scared of eminem bruh his diss to him may have been trash but he came at a legend.
Mo Alhusni
Mo Alhusni 21 годину таму
Such talent, living gods in the pop/punk genre. This is arguably imo the best collab mgk has ever done, hey colson, ashley THANK YOU y’all fr made my day on this song i wish i found about it before
Javier Iqbal
Javier Iqbal 22 години таму
Is nobody gonna talk about HOW a magic 8 ball appeared in his spinal cord
Rae Bean
Rae Bean 22 години таму
Where was this when we were all 15 and emo
Archaea Zero
Archaea Zero 15 годин таму
Now we can be 27 and emo
LC49 22 години таму
Wow!! Okay thanks to this song 2020 ends well after all
Jah Del
Jah Del 22 години таму
Halsey voice 😍
Londyn Light
Londyn Light 22 години таму
Mgk is such a bitchhhhh, but Halsey is life 😭😍
CristianGhost modo sexo
CristianGhost modo sexo 22 години таму
What happend
Sun Flower
Sun Flower 23 години таму
New music alert! Davina Michelle with her original song Liar!!! This song is amazing! Check it out now!!
Norhan Malie
Norhan Malie 23 години таму
they should get back together hihi
Brian Cabrera
Brian Cabrera 23 години таму
Still cant believe that eminem changed this mans whole genre
Bryden 5 годин таму
Wdym bro he has always had this style under his belt
maura jeanne
maura jeanne 23 години таму
h 23 години таму
go back to 2017 :)
Bulkaster 23 години таму
el zk
el zk 23 години таму
You guys can thank eminem for mgk's new style of music... he ended hes rap career so he had to give rock a shot
amber chhetri
amber chhetri 23 години таму
Finally his real music is out
Hady albagu
Hady albagu Дзень таму
damn i was just listening to killshot and this got recommended to me and damn eminem changed MGKs genre
Jonathan Vince Cane
Jonathan Vince Cane Дзень таму
Paramore vibes came rushing in
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