How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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Amine gas treating
Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
Reverse Osmosis:
Lithium Hydroxide:
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Geoff CUNNINGHAM 5 годин таму
do they need to replace gases like nitrogen?
Gw Builder
Gw Builder 12 годин таму
@Stan Ervin The idea is plausible; however, the lower the efficiency of the plant the more toxicity is generated. I think that is where the problem begins because the benefit verse the compound detriments create a negative cycle. In the natural environment those conditions can be overcome, but in a dependent environment where the oxygen generation is a necessity, those negatives make a no go situation. I like your determination, there is definitely an answer somewhere.
Stan Ervin
Stan Ervin 12 годин таму
@Gw Builder Thank you for the input/clarification. My thoughts were leaning towards the use of ultra efficient low power consumption LEDs in a spectrum of sufficient fine tuning to obtain maximum O2 generation, perhaps utilizing arrays of Fresnel lenses. Just seems plausible. I feel like it could be utilized to oxygenate the vessel at least in a supplemental role with other methods that are currently implemented, even if a 25% level of impact is realized.
Chip Elliott
Chip Elliott 15 годин таму
How many candles do these subs carry?
Dan Quayles ITS SPELT POTATOE! 15 годин таму
@Brett Moore I know about the submarine o2 but how about the iss? Have your tried a search engine? Tell an person an answer they will ask simple questions on and on! Teach a person to use a search engine then you dont have to waste time reading simple questions that can be answered with a search engine!
Jackey Chen
Jackey Chen 8 хвілін таму
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Mario Yu
Mario Yu 18 хвілін таму
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Ne Wäsch
Ne Wäsch 19 хвілін таму
Who is the Impostor?
Envy Votexツ
Envy Votexツ 22 хвіліны таму
Just ask *Pavel*
Rene Hernandez A.
Rene Hernandez A. 26 хвілін таму
Reverse osmosis! 🥰
alfpolo29 27 хвілін таму
19:43 After understand this,how product O2 in Submarin, i think on tragedy on Kursk,those unlucky Submariner dont has chance to survive....
alfpolo29 37 хвілін таму
However to can operated like Submariner you will be a graduated or samething:) I think that in "all army" the Submariner are the most specialized soldier,they should know a many thing...
Carl Witold Jontza Miskiewicz
Carl Witold Jontza Miskiewicz 44 хвіліны таму
To those wondering why you need to heat up the MEA. Any physicists among us thought : "Why is this not a perpetuum mobile ?" The secret lies in the heating. By heating, you get the molecules in a higher energy state, that then allows them to be active once again after dropping the CO2 the have. You put them in a configuration that isn't stable at a lower temperature with the CO2, so it dissociates and is then hungry for CO2 again. Note : I am not familiar with this case in particular, it's just my experience and knowledge of chemistry that tells me it's what's probably happening.
Shiv Singh
Shiv Singh 45 хвілін таму
Let's be for real, the drawing's amazing!!! 1:00
Seth Naugle
Seth Naugle 46 хвілін таму
Is nobody going to say how he's a grown kid laughing about ear hole... I'm not gonna lie... I laughed
Athex 47 хвілін таму
He barely looks 19 i swear😂
alfpolo29 47 хвілін таму
In Submarines on "new generation" all is valuted,but in old Submarines? For example in first Submarine or Submarine on WII?
tfive24 52 хвіліны таму
How many candles do they have on board at a time? Or is that classified information?
alfpolo29 53 хвіліны таму
it the same system that are in I.S.S. International Space Station?
Gloria Frances
Gloria Frances 58 хвілін таму
CHto ne hotel glyadet',
Jason Walden
Jason Walden 59 хвілін таму
Very cool, actually learnt something.
Jimmyspitsuptheworld Годину таму
Man sub guys always wearin sneakers gotta love it not the tube living tho
Maddog Pham
Maddog Pham Годину таму
Should be classified info, we do not want adversaries to steal our submarines' oxygenated technology, it is crucial because we want our adversaries submarines to surface for air often so we can detect and track them, especially CHINA, they are master in chemistry but also master in stealing IP and technology so we need to be more careful with sharing or educating these kind of military technology. My point here is to protect our military technology from foe.
Alfa Q
Alfa Q Годину таму
idk Destin be actin kinda sus
Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson Годину таму
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Samira Peri
Samira Peri Годину таму
In one word: chemistry.
Maksim Ghyvoronsky
Maksim Ghyvoronsky Годину таму
He’s so cringe around the Submariners, I can’t handle it and I’m always forced to skip to the next video. It’s a shame because I’m sure there’s a lot of great things to learn but the level of cringe is just TOO much🤦🏽‍♂️
Aaron S.
Aaron S. Годину таму
Find your nuts Maksim and i bet they loved having someone knowledgable on ship documenting and sharing in what they do everyday. skip-on the KOOK
DigitalDummy Годину таму
That’s what non-subs usually think
GokouZWAR Годину таму
You’d think it’s easy, there’s water everywhere. It has oxygen in it, and co2 can remove carbon to leave oxygen from that too... you just need a way to expel the hydrogen and or carbon.
JuggaloVampyire Годину таму
There are curtains that have pouches in them that are hung throughout the boat that we pour LiOH into. its not sprinkled freely.
Judge Grimrod
Judge Grimrod Годину таму
The MEA process, is very similar to how we sweeten sour natural gas, super cool
robloxz ProGamer
robloxz ProGamer Годину таму
Erik Годину таму
Me walking out of my room and finding out company is over 4:35
Big_Dawg3081's PS4 Gaming Channel
Big_Dawg3081's PS4 Gaming Channel Годину таму
AC repair technicians use the same kind of gauge
Aime Trolls
Aime Trolls Годину таму
Dow is the genius version of calfreezy
I_am_a_real_cat 2 години таму
they have a lot of trees there, don't watch the video, that's the answer.
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez 2 години таму
4:56 bruh the guy on the left just looks into the camera and makes a face
Jolyne Cujoh
Jolyne Cujoh 2 години таму
Nick Arrow
Nick Arrow 2 години таму
Do you heard about "Oxygen not included" game?
Keenan Myers
Keenan Myers 2 години таму
Why do people dislike these videos? They’re so good!
mrbigg151 2 години таму
Brought back memories. 22:18 Oh yeah, I tossed quite a few shirts bc of the strong amine smell and stains.😖
Eric Mejia
Eric Mejia 2 години таму
so i was looking at the video and realized some of the men we’re wearing normal shoes like we would is the no dress code?
Dwagin Con
Dwagin Con 2 години таму
Do we see how they monitor and manage heat on-board? Seems like the submarine is producing a lot of heat. Do they just use a refrigerant to transfer heat to the surrounding water? And if so, how much do they have to insulate the ship? If the power cuts out what's their backup cooling system?
T. L.
T. L. 2 години таму
I see my boy at 13:00 got that sneaker chit so he doesn't have to wear boots huh 😂 Edit: I learned something new myself. Apparently on submarines boots aren't required. I believe I saw the XO wearing sneakers so I got curious. It seems submariners aren't required to wear boots underway. I'm sure there's other reasons but sneakers are quieter than the Navy issued boots and obviously that's paramount when in the Silent Service. I never spent time on a submarine, I was either afloat or attached to aviation so there's a lot I don't know about submariners. Even being in the Navy for almost eight years, you still taught me something new even if inadvertently!
screwup76 gm
screwup76 gm 2 години таму
What's up with that model rocket changing position behind you?
Aquatic Logic
Aquatic Logic 2 години таму
When the electrolysis happens inside the sub, what do they do with the Hydrogen gas produced?
Icey Junior
Icey Junior 2 години таму
Plumbers’ nightmare
progamerali777 2 години таму
Do You have wifi on a submarine?
screwup76 gm
screwup76 gm 3 години таму
devjock 3 години таму
I've never heard of these candles. This is amazing. And not only for submarines, but also atomic bunkers, biospheres, spacestations, etc.. Really cool!
Tiitan Rutse
Tiitan Rutse 3 години таму
lol did they say there primary way of making oxygen is broken. ???
Edgar Elio Diaz
Edgar Elio Diaz 3 години таму
Nuke-you-ler. It’s pronounced Nuke-you-ler
Jason Gardner
Jason Gardner 3 години таму
Man, I served on the Tennessee (an Ohio class sub) from 02-05. Cool to see somebody talk about this. One of the most surreal experiences was being on patrol and slowly having O2 levels drop. We got increasingly tired. When we surfaced and got back to a normal oxygen level, everybody on the boat was wired and couldn't sleep for a few days.
Koleka Problem
Koleka Problem 3 години таму
If something failed and they would have to go to the surface but the ice is to thick. Do you think they would shoot at the is and blow a hole?
Joseph Bongiorno
Joseph Bongiorno 3 години таму
if subs don't run out of air then why is there a limit to how long it can stay submerged??
craig davidson
craig davidson 3 години таму
On behalf of the Chinese government, thankyou for the video of the internal layout of the boat and how stuff works.
x x
x x 4 години таму
[Laughs like a man who has accidentally touched hot things in the past]
Rúna Kovács
Rúna Kovács 4 години таму
They look way too young to be serving in a millitary >.>
Dave dave
Dave dave 4 години таму
The raycon add is the perfect comedy end ...
x x
x x 4 години таму
Thanks for teaching me how to create chlorine gas in 20 secs. Lol.
TheUnknown 4 години таму
Burning a candle to make oxygen seems like a bug lol
Vaschka Koboroff
Vaschka Koboroff 4 години таму
That awkward moment when Destin has to use the torch 🤙🏼😂
the.beard.yyc 4 години таму
Bruh, the H-10 Pro is the best leak detector of the market, glad to see they don’t cheep out.
Rix Cano
Rix Cano 4 години таму
Can't imagine I watched almost 30 minutes of a video without noticing it, sometimes I watch +10 minutes of vlogs and I got bored, but this one? nah ah👌👍
Alvin Li
Alvin Li 4 години таму
Great video!!
Mesan 4 години таму
i love this series
Campbell Baylee
Campbell Baylee 4 години таму
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Im familiar with your love for balls
Im familiar with your love for balls 5 годин таму
🎶 yvaN eht nioJ
Leon Moto
Leon Moto 5 годин таму
I can't believe that this slow monitor is the way of monitoring the oxygen level on a submarine, but that's just me :D
Ted Tedness
Ted Tedness 5 годин таму
BOAT? in the Navy, EVERYTHING is a ship or in this case a submarine.
Ted Tedness
Ted Tedness Годину таму
@Benjamin Perez ok
Benjamin Perez
Benjamin Perez 2 години таму
Incorrect. Submarines are referred to as "boats." -11.5 years USN Vet here.
Robbie Goldman
Robbie Goldman 5 годин таму
Thanks Destin, now i can finally build my own nuclear sub without worrying about oxygen, isn't that cool !
We are not livestock
We are not livestock 5 годин таму
"Our normal way of creating oxygen is down" hahaha very reassuring...
Brian Erwin
Brian Erwin 5 годин таму
biggest takeaway, princess booper snoot is great
Burnt Mcgurnt
Burnt Mcgurnt 5 годин таму
Fix your watch there Dow
We are not livestock
We are not livestock 5 годин таму
Living there is a couragous job.
All Espant
All Espant 5 годин таму
Inside the sub . Every one much be trusted.
Zooumberg 5 годин таму
What happens to the hydrogen? Is it used or just pumped away?
thunderborn 32
thunderborn 32 5 годин таму
that moment you notice the military uses the comp systems from alien isolation O.o
angel akhir
angel akhir 6 годин таму
The six softdrink rahilly analyse because icebreaker nationally trick via a boiling swimming. godly, aboriginal experience
LadyLeasara 6 годин таму
12:45 "We call these Clinkers. Honestly I have no idea why we call them Clinkers" Clinker bricks are clay bricks that are too close to the heat source in the kiln. They come out overcooked, a darker color and usually misshapen and made a metallic ringing sound when you 'clinked' them together. They were rejects and discarded until their use was popularized during the Arts and Crafts architecture movement. Modern kilns are able distribute their heat more efficiently so they don't produce clinkers in the same way, but you can still buy bricks that are molded to give that misshapen and fire glazed look.
All Espant
All Espant 6 годин таму
Thanks bro. Am like touring insidr the sub 😁 what a nice
Eric 6 годин таму
Off topic. How is the storage solution going? Floor full of loose drives again? Just watched the wholesome "160TB Server with Linus!" video again for pre pandemic nostalgia.
Xeno Story
Xeno Story 6 годин таму
The gleaming mosquito conventionally battle because nic inadvertently skip into a flat ink. limping, nonchalant oval
vandalman8 6 годин таму
Absolutely groovey
Gary Mansfield
Gary Mansfield 6 годин таму
Very cool! Thanks
A N 6 годин таму
Soviets be like: :O
Sachira Bhanu
Sachira Bhanu 6 годин таму
mh they gonna die if candles are gone with a power failure.
Sym doxe
Sym doxe 6 годин таму
Woah that's not a name you hear everyday that's a really cool name Dow, Dow Jones
Daruween 6 годин таму
Tom Baker
Tom Baker 6 годин таму
Why are they wearing hats? Is the sun in their eyes?
Daniel Cabral
Daniel Cabral 6 годин таму
I'm literally learning about osmosis and electrolysis on school at the moment.
JaThe Winner
JaThe Winner 7 годин таму
I have two questions left from the torpedo video: 1. Where does the additional sea water that went into the second tank go? 2. Why do we give bullets a spin around their axis but not torpedos?
Eddie J. G.
Eddie J. G. 6 годин таму
1. Out the tube as it pushes out the torpedo. 2. Torpedos have control surfaces, navigate themselves and are self-propelled. They don’t need a spin to keep them straight any more than the submarine itself needs one.
喬冶 7 годин таму
Miles C. Anthony
Miles C. Anthony 7 годин таму
Oxygen stores, filters 'n scrubbers. Adios.
Jez 7 годин таму
For the non native english speakers who struggle with the accents, the noise and the technical terms in this video, turn on the subtitles :)
Nabman11 7 годин таму
That isn't Dow. I saw Austin Evans steal his uniform and sneak inside the submarine after he spent a week long bender smoking crack and playing MGS.
MrFrosty Vlogs
MrFrosty Vlogs 7 годин таму
cant they use a thermal camera or temp camera to find the leaked pipes? that would be easier and fast
Random Entertainment videos
Random Entertainment videos 7 годин таму
2 days later at school, how do you make oxygen in a submarine,,,,,,,,urinalysis
Krabbe 7 годин таму
Its the kosatka!
nExoR LU
nExoR LU 7 годин таму
can any of these methods be used on megascale? e.g. for cities
John Rosario
John Rosario 7 годин таму
@lav luka
SafetyThird 7 годин таму
Thanks man, always wanted to know this
Erbi Gimbi
Erbi Gimbi 7 годин таму
It's totally fascinating.
Davy Jones
Davy Jones 8 годин таму
Clinkers: a term from the coal burning boiler days when spend COAL ash had SLAG deposits that were called clinkers. The Clinkers were more of a solid mass then a powder ash.
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