Grand Final Astralis vs NAVI | BLAST Premier Global Final Day 6

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00:00:00 Countdown
00:21:55 Show Start
00:57:19 Vitality vs NAVI - Nuke
02:39:03 Vitality vs NAVI - Overpass
04:03:30 Vitality vs NAVI - Dust2
05:54:39 Astralis vs NAVI - Nuke
07:09:08 Astralis vs NAVI - Inferno
08:01:23 Simple Interview
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Daily Talk with kapil Sharma
Daily Talk with kapil Sharma Дзень таму
Money was a big motivation factor here. NAVI went for the win for that sweet cash. And they won.
Giovanni Tanaka
Giovanni Tanaka 8 дзён таму
i just like looking at apex' reactions
DRINJA 9 дзён таму
Musical Quotes
Musical Quotes 9 дзён таму
i dont like the presentors wearing suits. its a gaming competition man, they should wear hoodies imo.
Dicacious 11 дзён таму
Commentators make the experience so much better
senor 12 дзён таму
Anyone knows the song ?:) at the start
Василий Карпов
Василий Карпов 12 дзён таму
Ярослав, между тем к выбору online казино необходимо тоже подходить с умом. Естественно, когда вы катаете в вулкан то вы никогда не выведете бабки, а например если придти к данному вопросу умнее то сможете понимать, что бывают такие как 1хбеты, придуманные мошенниками и не отвечающие ни за что, а имеются казино с лицензией, где подкрутка автоматов отсутствует. По-этому не думаю что правильно судить только по левым сайтам. Перечень лицензионных игровых автоматов можно посмотреть здесь:
Harvest a guy
Harvest a guy 12 дзён таму
Almost 3 million wow
NEgriN Game's
NEgriN Game's 13 дзён таму
הראל אלמליח
הראל אלמליח 13 дзён таму
How mich money who wiil be the magor ?
blues 16 дзён таму
it’s nice seeing Perfecto happy
Z Tay
Z Tay 16 дзён таму
I like how Boomb14 celebrates but why is his nick pronounced as boomich? I'm new
Вася Вася
Вася Вася 15 дзён таму
In russian 1 sound like e and 4 sound is ch
Hold 16 дзён таму
7:18:44 oh my boombl4
Sound Peaks
Sound Peaks 16 дзён таму
Where can I read the rules of match ups in this series?
Njurk 17 дзён таму
cons of being a professional csgo player. Getting traumatized from jump scared 🤣 1:17:56 1:22:50
Yukiko Fujimine
Yukiko Fujimine 18 дзён таму
NaVi was taking revenge for what they had lost in ESL Pro 2020 (4 months ago). GG NaVi.
Tacomeh iOS
Tacomeh iOS 18 дзён таму
S1mple is better than Zywoo? Lols.
fong chew ee
fong chew ee 19 дзён таму
what croosshair in game
dmytro grad
dmytro grad 20 дзён таму
Im so happy to see apex blowing up, its always a pleasure to see vitality take a kok in stead of the cup
Ля Гуш
Ля Гуш 21 дзень таму
6:52:12 the face of BoombI4 😏 Кирюха заматерел))
Madalin Bogdea
Madalin Bogdea 21 дзень таму
6:11:51 puberty
Alice Diaz
Alice Diaz 22 дні таму Improvvisamente, i diagrammi di comunicazione sono diventati uno zimbello, sebbene la loro stessa esistenza porti indubbi benefici alla società. C'è un punto di vista controverso, che dice qualcosa di simile a quanto segue: la ricerca approfondita dei concorrenti viene verificata in modo tempestivo. A proposito, la ricerca approfondita dei concorrenti forma una rete economica globale e, allo stesso tempo, viene verificata in modo tempestivo. Inoltre, poiché l'inizio del lavoro quotidiano sulla formazione di una posizione è perfetto per l'implementazione di decisioni concettuali autosufficienti e dipendenti dall'esterno.🔥 私たち一人一人は明らかなことを理解しています。今日の経済アジェンダは、外国の経済政策の再考を形作る上で重要な役割を果たしています。予備的な結論は期待外れです。計画された目標の実施は、自給自足と外部依存の両方の概念的決定の機会を残しません。
Billy Jeans
Billy Jeans 22 дні таму
Finally Navi didnt choke for once!
Juan Pironi
Juan Pironi 22 дні таму
As it changes color for RED TERRORISTS and for BLUE CT, does anyone know?
ZLoDeY NPR 23 дні таму
Часы куета полна в плане дизайна,молодым пацанам дарить такую дичь,нельзя было что то в стиле кс сделать пздц,носить явно не будут как иедаль на полку)
ZLoDeY NPR 23 дні таму
Зевс плачет в сторонке) Молорики пацаны,Бит ваще красава такую пистолетку забрал)
Hüseyin Uzun
Hüseyin Uzun 23 дні таму
chamath attanayaka
chamath attanayaka 23 дні таму
boomba booma yay!!!!
Ахмед Ниязов
Ахмед Ниязов 24 дні таму
Perfecto’s jump kill is insane.
Maskoko 24 дні таму
ZywOo >> S1mple, no more pls.
leonard pena
leonard pena 25 дзён таму
Karol Żywiecki
Karol Żywiecki 25 дзён таму
5:26:50 best moment of the whole stream.
Antero Mikkola
Antero Mikkola 25 дзён таму
kamel bassshan
kamel bassshan 26 дзён таму
s1mple alias parkinson micro ajustement best cheater in world so obv 7:09:37 stop to suck to guys thanks
Shoude Huang
Shoude Huang 26 дзён таму
3:17:49 feels bad man
d4slaimless 26 дзён таму
Well played NaVi! Took revenge on both Vitality and Astralis at the same day. Wish it was bo5 finals (though might be too tiring for players coming from lb finals).
Alpha JDM
Alpha JDM 27 дзён таму
Flamie on overpass and Boombl4 big impact players! I like this new version of Navi
sanchello82 27 дзён таму
2:03:43 APEX сразу понял что нужно делать ))))
alterkristosh Wjlink
alterkristosh Wjlink 24 дні таму
mehdi benz
mehdi benz 27 дзён таму
Always and always astralis get destroyed by navi i'm so angry what is this ????!!!!!
FiveX 2akk
FiveX 2akk 18 дзён таму
Astralis destroyed by NiP...
Игорь Тюрин
Игорь Тюрин 27 дзён таму
This is the history. I saw it.
Pianochess 1
Pianochess 1 28 дзён таму
In the astralis vs Navi nuke game, what was the reference with flamie and galil?
alterkristosh Wjlink
alterkristosh Wjlink 24 дні таму
Да бро
Stephen Thompson
Stephen Thompson 28 дзён таму
That was painful watching Vitality Tside throwing themselves at long A on D2.
lol4ik 28 дзён таму
7:57:30 Сань не плач
WBR ZLO 28 дзён таму
NAVI legend's
MDkhvan 28 дзён таму
Astralis? May be vitality?
siskaggelos 28 дзён таму
man that band is so basic my ears hurt
Jesterpunch 0_0
Jesterpunch 0_0 28 дзён таму
moments I relive just because they were epic: @6:51:00 that whole minute + the final P250 shot reaction XD @7:38:00 that whole minute + the final deagle shot reaction XD @7:58:00 Scrawny being Scrawny.... 600.... THOUSAND DOLLARS, man this guy XD
Glorp Glarp
Glorp Glarp 29 дзён таму
replace flamie please
Pianochess 1
Pianochess 1 29 дзён таму
1:41:00 only me getting triggered by the mouse pointer? :)
Чайный Пакетик
Чайный Пакетик Месяц таму
Бит красавчик
Baybars Seyhan
Baybars Seyhan Месяц таму
6:51:58 Perfecto All The Time :)
PT yTb
PT yTb Месяц таму
Feed Bomb14
SolisOrtus Месяц таму
alhamdullilah, here we go again
SID MOBO Месяц таму
Always NAVI 🔥🔥🔥
Pieslydie Месяц таму
still love NAVI, ty for the carry Perfecto and s1mple
Kurt Andersen
Kurt Andersen Месяц таму
I'm kinda happy i managed to not see who won until i could see the finals today. I was literally jumping with joy when NA'VI won. Seing s1mple's reaction was a moment in itself. So happy for them :-)
Fulgerik 17
Fulgerik 17 Месяц таму
Que pille el cara patata de Zywoo, ni a la suela de simple llega.
Yuri Martsinkevich
Yuri Martsinkevich Месяц таму
Look at little goblin Junior gonna cry 2:17:05
Bubble Channel
Bubble Channel Месяц таму
Guys, what a song 4:55:34
Von Death
Von Death Месяц таму
6:16:14 Lmao Gla1ve just naded bubzkji
kvasianisimus _ka
kvasianisimus _ka Месяц таму
didnt know smix casts anything but starcraft
Stefan Az
Stefan Az Месяц таму
GGs gz NaVi
микола шевчук
микола шевчук Месяц таму
помогите, пожалуйста, найти песню (или мелодию, не знаю) на 48:20 @ please help me find a song (or melody, I don't know) at 48:20
Guntur mantap
Guntur mantap Месяц таму
Yooo simple crying pogchamp
Amin Azmi
Amin Azmi Месяц таму
they should make a csgo esport anime that shitll look dope
Ryz3n Месяц таму
6:40:20 - симпл? - да да он.
Haitch Месяц таму
Boomb14 was a fucking beast
Washingtom Costa
Washingtom Costa Месяц таму
"Device" are a son of Tom cruise ?
Washingtom Costa
Washingtom Costa Месяц таму
Condzera style + deagle head shot, so beautiful.
Виктор Дмитриев
Виктор Дмитриев Месяц таму
5:58:00 посмотрите на флейми,в деле!
[BosS] HITMAN 20
[BosS] HITMAN 20 Месяц таму
he laughs 7:40:15 he cries 7:57:29 he is the best csgo player in the world 7:38:39
LlamaKing Месяц таму
NAVI disproving the narrative that they aren't the top team
Sumit Kumar
Sumit Kumar Месяц таму
We want them to win the major this year please for me Navi
Damo Месяц таму
Having those timers ruins the second game as you already know the first game winner wins :///
bones1eam Месяц таму
А чо так изи?
GGBazar Месяц таму
damn props to team NAVI they really put there very best!
эмил шахбазов
эмил шахбазов Месяц таму
эмил шахбазов
эмил шахбазов Месяц таму
эмил шахбазов
эмил шахбазов Месяц таму
эмил шахбазов
эмил шахбазов Месяц таму
эмил шахбазов
эмил шахбазов Месяц таму
Nathan Trance
Nathan Trance Месяц таму
is this a major?
kir bersama
kir bersama Месяц таму
Ga aci si vital di gamehouse si navi di rumah masing masing
s e n s a n y a
s e n s a n y a Месяц таму
8:15:55 WOOHOOO
kiwafromukraine Месяц таму
Я это никогда не забуду, пацаны. Это то, что останется в памяти навсегда. GGWP. Я в ахуе.
Nitin Ingle
Nitin Ingle Месяц таму
NAVI is so scary in eco rounds.
Dominic Victoria
Dominic Victoria Месяц таму
Astralis fan here. But I’m so happy navi finally did it! GG S1imple
Nu rra
Nu rra Месяц таму
Navi ia the best
Al1ve Месяц таму
Can we please talk about that horrible break band? The freestyle was dope tho.
Orlando Bloo
Orlando Bloo Месяц таму
Why was it not bo5, but rather bo3 when this is the final match?
Truman Day
Truman Day Месяц таму
Это все что я хотел увидеть.
Ibe Zaragoza
Ibe Zaragoza Месяц таму
The rapper is onfire 🔥
King Sidd
King Sidd Месяц таму
Holy shit these casters are navi nuthuggers.
Wilfredo Samir Obando Moreno
Wilfredo Samir Obando Moreno Месяц таму
This is why i said: Number 1 player in the world is S1mple, and NAVI is just a wonderful team. What a matches, OMG
andres guerrero
andres guerrero Месяц таму
donde puedo verlo en español?
Bishan Mustaine
Bishan Mustaine Месяц таму
Hope navi wins a major... best performance......7:57:29 emotional
amfff Месяц таму
Нави, вы лучшие.
Рустам Быков
Рустам Быков Месяц таму
Снова лучшие! Рожденные побеждать! NAVI! Никогда не сдавайтесь! S1mple Лучший! Я знал! И не сомневался! Браво!
Іван Сизий
Іван Сизий Месяц таму
Там у какого-то дурочка ник арех и правильно орех
Danya Koretskiy
Danya Koretskiy Месяц таму
I like how other teams are sweating, focusing, meanwhile Na'Vi are drinking beer, smoking, eating SNUS, and casually chilling like they are playing default FPL lol. *Update* Dupreeh and Magisk have started to eat snus also! Congratulations! ^^
Danya Koretskiy
Danya Koretskiy 3 дні таму
@Charaf mb not in this one stream. I just decided to write my observation over Na'Vi in general. Perf, Flamie, and Boombl4 are smoking and drinking alcohol lol. Not always mb but that was funny to spot in their webcams.
Charaf 3 дні таму
what minute in the stream ?
Danya Koretskiy
Danya Koretskiy 7 дзён таму
@Lukas Lillestøl-Brandlistuen Flamie and Perfecto
Lukas Lillestøl-Brandlistuen
Lukas Lillestøl-Brandlistuen 7 дзён таму
Who tf eats snus?
Bulat Месяц таму
DankMango Месяц таму
1k dislikes were from Astralis fans
TENSAID Месяц таму
Дюпри с софтом
Dodge [VASYA] -_-
Dodge [VASYA] -_- Месяц таму
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