Game Theory: Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF?

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The Game Theorists

5 дзён таму

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You may be thinking, "Hey MatPat, don't we already know everything about Crying Child?" No, Theorists, we do NOT and you proved it! "Crying Child" is what we've referred to the victim of the Bite of '83 as since the beginning but that child has a name! A name I have figured out! This is one of the oldest mysteries of the franchise and I am sure that we've cracked it wide open! Theorists, no FNAF mystery will go unsolved as long as I am on the case.
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FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►
Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

EvanTubeGaming 4 дні таму
guess im the crying child guys
Top Knotch
Top Knotch 3 дні таму
I mean Evan made my childhood
Train guy 1 A
Train guy 1 A 3 дні таму
EvanTubeGaming huh funny WAIT
Bettina Sherwood
Bettina Sherwood 3 дні таму
if anyone remembered the bite of 83 FAN animation they didnt contain the voice lines of the accual fnaf actors also they didnt sound british
Bettina Sherwood
Bettina Sherwood 3 дні таму
@Jasmin Batajoy no that was never a name confirmed by scot that was the name of fans also gacha steros deciding to give him a name simular to c.c. scot never said his name was cgris. end of story
Sleepy Eliza
Sleepy Eliza 4 дні таму
who u?
K Stevens
K Stevens Годину таму
dude’s named jake watching that intro: 😳😳😳
zzz kodu
zzz kodu Годину таму
im taking my theory back
Jisung Wang
Jisung Wang Годину таму
Why is Jake's situation like the Fnaf where the kid's in a room? Also, Evan could be a nickname or a second name.
zzz kodu
zzz kodu Годину таму
maybe william actually fixed crying child and his actually nichael afton , if you ask from me.
Blue Night Fox
Blue Night Fox Годину таму
Hey MatPat you should do a theory on little nightmares 2, explaining why 6 betrayed Mono. I love your videos
Melissa Engasser
Melissa Engasser Годину таму
guys the crying child is Michal Afton he literally said it in one of his ultimate custom theorys
L0LZH4X ¿ Годину таму
4h ¡ 4n0th9r l0r9 d1sc0v9r9d ¡ g00d j0b
Gwen Skyee
Gwen Skyee Годину таму
I'm getting goosebumps from this episode✨✨
Game Bear
Game Bear Годину таму
13:20 i amediatly thought of the fredbear plush
Blue Plays
Blue Plays Годину таму
Sometimes i feel like MatPat adds Lore to a random game intended for fun or something and the devs go with it
Psychic Годину таму
Guys no
FreddyFrostbearYT Годину таму
WXO_Foxy_Gamer Studio
WXO_Foxy_Gamer Studio Годину таму
Minecraft theory : why is there a soul sand valley in the nether? Is the Nether the dead remains of a Dragon? There’s Bones in the valley. Why?
Celeus Gigee
Celeus Gigee Годину таму
No I think that is just a random link between those two people but you are right a brain tumer the bite that is misteryis but what if... he just told that WHAT IF HE IS THE BITE OF 87 CHILD!
Bailin Archer
Bailin Archer Годину таму
Is it just me or do other people dislike Evans name (no offeense people named evan) it doesn't suit him
•SMoL Jade•
•SMoL Jade• Годину таму
The name is better than Chris tho
Dex Verse
Dex Verse Годину таму
I feel like the crying child or Evan possessed Fredbear when, well, being bit by him or after dying from him. He was possessing fredbear even when it became golden freddy. And then Cassidy, being one of the five kids murdered, was put into golden freddy with the crying child.
Beast .B
Beast .B 2 години таму
The greatest editing in YT history
Brownie_ Luv
Brownie_ Luv 2 години таму
Maybe its chris
Brownie_ Luv
Brownie_ Luv Годину таму
Oh ok
hola niños
hola niños Годину таму
Lol no
•SMoL Jade•
•SMoL Jade• Годину таму
Mithcal Sn0w
Mithcal Sn0w 2 години таму
Book theory
suarkonin10 2 години таму
Plot twist. Crying Child is a girl called Eva
Avez 2 години таму
9:49 5 and 3, is there a possibility there's more than just those as the middle is blocked off?
Lokiiz playz
Lokiiz playz 2 години таму
Can you do one video on Valorant lore pls!
Video games
Video games 2 години таму
Very nice
Bebert D
Bebert D 2 години таму
Little nightmare ?
ChickenCrimpyy 2 години таму
Can’t we just go back to when the theory was phone guy was purple guy because it looked like he was holding a phone?
Spinxing 2 години таму
Pizza is the best
Pizza is the best 2 години таму
It's actually john cena all along
Cookies n'Cream
Cookies n'Cream 3 години таму
Can you do little nightmares next?
Accidents 3 години таму
bruh as a guy called Jake that beginning proper freaked me out
Smort Tom
Smort Tom 3 години таму
Ah reddit the usual solving the unsolvable
איתמר קינד
איתמר קינד 3 години таму
if the kid on the book and the crying child so the same ' why not call the crying child to - jake?
International Courtyard
International Courtyard 3 години таму
how is the gaster theory complete? how did he talk to sans when he is sans?
Who remembers when he used to post Blood Brothers songs? Me
Final Zero Z
Final Zero Z 4 години таму
You need to play
Juan Miguel Kasala
Juan Miguel Kasala 4 години таму
Duuuuuuuuude hes genious he knows the crying child name is evan?!?!?!
Gacha life legend
Gacha life legend 4 години таму
Crying childs names name is chris
•SMoL Jade•
•SMoL Jade• Годину таму
@Gacha life legend 😁
Gacha life legend
Gacha life legend Годину таму
•SMoL Jade•
•SMoL Jade• Годину таму
@Gacha life legend no problem
Gacha life legend
Gacha life legend Годину таму
It oki and ty
•SMoL Jade•
•SMoL Jade• Годину таму
@Gacha life legend and not all on gacha is Canon btw gacha is not always right and i recommend watching kyoniko because her au is close to canon Edit:Sorry my English is bad
Ethan Bullock
Ethan Bullock 4 години таму
MatPat and his box. Still on What's in the box is either the agony body or soul of Charlie. This is proved in Silver Eyes. Where Charlie dreams of being in inside the box. (Beginning of the book, where she had a nightmare she was trapped and everytime she tried to reach out she met the edges and transitioned around the edges.
XBeast911 4 години таму
cookie's show
cookie's show 4 години таму
Is it just me or cassidy's face creeps me out.
David Walton
David Walton 4 години таму
this is tyhe best video ives ever awtache.d hnehe\
Rogelio Arreola
Rogelio Arreola 4 години таму
Hey Matpat have you seen that easter egg in ballora gallery
Mr. Train ツ
Mr. Train ツ 4 години таму
Congrats on trending!
Copper 4 години таму
Game On
Game On 5 годин таму
guardian of the toasters
guardian of the toasters 5 годин таму
I would love to be sold for this theory but I always had to doubt it first just in case it had something more. Something deeper than what we see
French fries Gacha
French fries Gacha 5 годин таму
I swear to god from now on I'm just gonna say Henry's last name is "no last name given"
TheWhiteWolf 5
TheWhiteWolf 5 5 годин таму
Mat pat have you seen the sister location Easter egg in ballora gallery
Rizkilfan 5 годин таму
imagine scott cawthon be like : write that down.. write that down..
Jacob Padilla
Jacob Padilla 5 годин таму
On your next video can you make a theory on little nightmares to and why six betrays you
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook 5 годин таму
Here we go again.
Jonkies91 5 годин таму
For the love of God. STOP.
Jocelyn Jaralba
Jocelyn Jaralba 5 годин таму
The crying child’s name is chis afton
•SMoL Jade•
•SMoL Jade• 2 години таму
Chris is a fanmade name
Fae 5 годин таму
why is the editing of these things so creepy bruh
jeric YouTuber vilas
jeric YouTuber vilas 5 годин таму
Caring kids name is is is is even after
Daniel Josh T. Limoso
Daniel Josh T. Limoso 5 годин таму
I know that this isn't really related to the topic here but I would like to have a theory on little nightmares, especially on the story aspects of it. Now there are many theories in the internet about the story but I would love to see your opinions on it.
heheeimunknown 5 годин таму
But he said that he only had 3 page numbers. It could possibly be the name "Eva."
mr. healthy plant.
mr. healthy plant. 5 годин таму
I like chris afton more than Evan afton. :/
mr. healthy plant.
mr. healthy plant. Годину таму
@•SMoL Jade• don't worry
•SMoL Jade•
•SMoL Jade• Годину таму
@mr. healthy plant. Oh yeah sorry
mr. healthy plant.
mr. healthy plant. 2 години таму
@•SMoL Jade• I never said it's real. So don't correct me.
•SMoL Jade•
•SMoL Jade• 2 години таму
Chris is a fanmade name
tech still plays
tech still plays 5 годин таму
I have a friend named evan so does that mean he's the crying child??
ity_bitty_gypsy 5 годин таму
He didn’t sing the Fred Bear theme song.... *He didn’t sing the Fred Bear theme song*
Crazyjule24X 5 годин таму
Hey MatPat! You could fullfill your logo by making a new channel called "The Toy Theorists" or something. Just a suggestion.
doorhandle 5 годин таму
"FNAF solved!!" Me: *sips tea* ..... Uh huh.
ContagiousVortex Productions
ContagiousVortex Productions 5 годин таму
Wait, then this means.. You guys thinking what im thinking?
mr. healthy plant.
mr. healthy plant. 5 годин таму
Wena Rose Marquez
Wena Rose Marquez 5 годин таму
We all know that crying child or cc is Christopher Henry afton
Albino Alien
Albino Alien 5 годин таму
@Wena Rose Marquez Yes
Wena Rose Marquez
Wena Rose Marquez 5 годин таму
Wait really!?
Albino Alien
Albino Alien 5 годин таму
No we dont
Ri _Quartz
Ri _Quartz 6 годин таму
I stayed up all night thinking about this I understand that the people in this video have good guesses but I don’t trust the second one because the crying child can only talk in altered text from the book. If that’s how he can do that the why would he... first off use the magazine but not the text and second why would you use Micheals tallies to find the crying child’s name I just don’t think they fit. I understand why you would think to use the magazine on the foxy grid page because it’s foxy who is holding the magazine but I still don’t understand the tally bit. That is all I have I don’t have anything about how to find the name Also just please ignore me if I’m wrong :]
COMPLEX RIOT 6 годин таму
Theory William Afton had an other child
Tia The Wolf
Tia The Wolf 6 годин таму
Uh- yo- I love how scott just ruins the fnaf fandoms dreams by calling our lovely, murderous purple blob Vincent. Ugh. William. And now we're gonna crush out own dreams by accidentally solving our lil crybaby over here, Chris. Evan-
ItsQWERTZY016 6 годин таму
エースAce 6 годин таму
Random thing but I feel like the foxy pages are relevant to finding his name because Michael was wearing a foxy mask to scare him? Idk, just a small stretch ig
Dead Inside
Dead Inside 6 годин таму
Ninja X
Ninja X 6 годин таму
I saw in Google is said he's name is norman
emma montez
emma montez 6 годин таму
I wish he would make a theory on the little nightmares games
joshua kelly
joshua kelly 6 годин таму
You aren't allowed to play with lore. You are my bible for Minecraft & FNAF
TMstefangaming2M 6 годин таму
game theory you herd about fortnite x fnaf is a huge thing becos pepol actualy found in fortnite fiel FOXY FOOSTEPS so is realy posibel like epic games to colaborate with the number 1 game on steam section horror?? make a theory about it end tell us wath you think i think this wi ldestroy the valve VS epic games
Its S4B1L lol
Its S4B1L lol 6 годин таму
But its a game
Mrs Krissy Fitzy
Mrs Krissy Fitzy 6 годин таму
It’s chistopher
susguy231 6 годин таму
There is no proof, no source, no canon element to prove that his name is Christopher. That is a fan-made name and is not part of the FNAF universe.
Seth Groves
Seth Groves 6 годин таму
wellwhat lol
wellwhat lol 7 годин таму
When u said cristmas it sounded like 'chris' mas
Joseph Hommel
Joseph Hommel 7 годин таму
Matt I think William is the one doing the talking through the fredbear doll ;)
EXENOX 7 годин таму
so I think "Mustard Man" at Willy Afton's house, the one who was kicked out of Jr's, is Willy Afton, why? because EVERY time we see afton, he is always in the shadows, hence the purple figure but in that minigame, he is shown in the light which is why he doesn't appear as a shadow a bit of a stretch, I know but I'd like to believe it
Neil Nixon Omega
Neil Nixon Omega 7 годин таму
My gest crist
gacha dummy
gacha dummy 7 годин таму
I thought his name was chirs or Christopher Afton
susguy231 6 годин таму
No thats fanmade its non-canon and no proof
Iva 7 годин таму
ive been playing this game called phantom roe, could you please cover it please?
Em JayEm
Em JayEm 7 годин таму
This must be old... the Morty thing .. I’m not here all the time but I very obviously and reasonably think of Pewdiepie and idk if he made the original jingle but lwiay def isn’t original.
O w O
O w O 7 годин таму
I think crying child is cassidy 👁👄👁 Now let me tell you why I think that maybe crying child is comunicating with.. crying child. Let me explain First of all, what i think i crying child went through all 5 (and more) nights before the bite. I don't know why he would have been sick or needed an infusion. But I think the reason the crying child sees all those nightmare animatronics is this: 1. Michael. We know michael scared crying child. But at first, when he showed us a headless foxy, it wasn't like he was broken. It looks as if it was empty inside, or so I see. Most likely, William set up the station so he could talk to crying child while he was away. And since the only toy that was constantly next to him was that fredbear plush for this reason, most likely Michael took his other toys and gave them to their friends to put their heads on and scare his little brother together. That's how crying child got a fear for the original animatronics (foxy, chica, freddy, bonnie) 2. Trauma. One of the reasons crying child is afraid of animatronics is because of trauma. Most likely it's because of Elizabeth. Probably when crying child entered the room to go to her sister, Baby then killed Elizabeth. And probably because her job at the time was to kill, she couldn't prosecute that another child had entered the room. That's why we see Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare with teeth around their bellies. Crying child is afraid that he will be eaten by animatronics like his sister was eaten 3. Antibiotics. We can see that crying child has an infusion by his bed. Obviously he was there for a reason. I don't think it was because of the bite, but crying child may have been ill. And antibiotics, especially the strong ones, can affect the brain, especially in boys (I know from personal experience). His combined fear and trauma plus antibiotics resulted in some hallucinations, these being nightmare animatronics Because of antibiotics and probably because of the disease (where he began to lose blood, that's why we may see blood in his notebook), Cassidy began to have memory loss and dizziness. For this reason he began to ask questions of himself in the future, hoping that he would remember Now some of you may say "but if so, why didn't he write from the beginning 'Your name is ...' or what happened to him?". That's because crying child didn't remeber on that moment. He hopes that after everything is over, he will be able to find out again who he is and what is happening This is my theory that Cassidy is actually crying chil, and that all this time the two souls who owned Golden Freddy were actually one.
•SMoL Jade•
•SMoL Jade• 2 години таму
Cassidy have Curly black hair and crying child have brown hair
TheGamingParrot 7 годин таму
Matpat: makes theory Scott: that’s now part of the lore I’m running out of ideas
Mango_c00kie 7 годин таму
mat pat: tries for years to solve fnaf reddit: *im bout to end this man's whole career* no seriously fnaf theory vids are so entertaining to watch
KeKe Oreo
KeKe Oreo 7 годин таму
The beginning gave me pennywise vibes
Woopy Boi
Woopy Boi 7 годин таму
Hey matpat so in into the pit william lays the children for every to see in the foxy gogogogo minigame in fnaf 2 he does the same thing you maybe saying "but that could be the backroom" it isnt its invisible to the animatronics remember? so this means that the foxy gogogo minigame is a flashback to 1985 i am not really that good of a fnaf theorist but hey maybe we will find out something using this new knowledge?
Devin Gibson
Devin Gibson 7 годин таму
Okay first off you guys are amazing with game theory second the book will tell and I hope you in joy the fnaf book
Arnav Ganta
Arnav Ganta 7 годин таму
Shadow ferrdy is crying child and his name is Chris A F O T O N
•SMoL Jade•
•SMoL Jade• 2 години таму
Sorry for being rude
•SMoL Jade•
•SMoL Jade• 2 години таму
Shadow Freddy is only agony (pain) and CHRIS IS A FANMADE NAME DUMBY
•SMoL Jade•
•SMoL Jade• 2 години таму
APEX 7 годин таму
Maybe it's a girl ,and it's ava ,but she just have short hair and gender swipe 😅
APEX 7 годин таму
I'm waiting for the day ,a guy will find a small detail somehow somewhere ,and bam ,everything is solved !
Elra Salamanca
Elra Salamanca 7 годин таму
He used the wrong formula and got the right answer
skalaten dosent know?
skalaten dosent know? 7 годин таму
skalaten dosent know?
skalaten dosent know? 6 годин таму
@Tereza Švábová i don't know i just thought about it
Tereza Švábová
Tereza Švábová 7 годин таму
But why? Nave isn't even a proper name
Laven Lofi
Laven Lofi 7 годин таму
Can't wait for the 50th+ videos on FNAF lore because Scott JUST WON'T LET THE STORY END AFTER YEARS 🤠
Morgan 7 годин таму
There's something that's been bugging me after watching dawko's interview with Scott. Dawko asked Scott which ending of fnaf 3 really happened, he didn't end up answering it but he did say the answer was 'complex." And that really bugs me because how would that be complex? It's either one ending or the other, right? No. I think there's an answer that nobody has thought of. What if both endings happened? This is just an example but what if sister location followed the events of the good ending and fnaf 2 followed the events of the good ending, it's probably not that specifically but I think it's an option worth considering. It would also explain why the franchise is so complicated lore wise. To quote you yourself "How can William afton be experimenting with remnant if he's sealed in a wall?!"
Maya Lee
Maya Lee 7 годин таму
The Knight is the Knight no matter what. I still get enraged about that one, sorry -_-
Keanu Jaliens
Keanu Jaliens 7 годин таму
its noah
Tereza Švábová
Tereza Švábová 7 годин таму
Game Theory: FNAF Security Breach, I Know the BIG TWIST... I think
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