Even USED Intel CPUs aren’t a good value anymore… - Ryzen 3 3100 & 3300X

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AMD’s underrated Ryzen 3 series is back, and this time they’re taking aim at the last of Intel’s Core lineup that hasn’t been totally wrecked yet. Are they the new budget darling CPUs?
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Flying Dolpin
Flying Dolpin 3 години таму
Intel i5 9400f for 70 is still pretty good
Vocoder 6 годин таму
Thank U Lisa!!!!!
Nicholas Bifone
Nicholas Bifone 2 дні таму
why you bully me
Star masterc
Star masterc 6 дзён таму
Amazing Quad Core.
Lucas Bender
Lucas Bender 6 дзён таму
I want this CPU buuut I still can't buy one ahhh
Imperium Commenting Network
Imperium Commenting Network 6 дзён таму
I have 2 R3 3200g's. one for my gaming rig (paired with a GTX 1650), and one for my work system (i use the IGPU for it). Great processor with a good IGPU.I definately can Recommend for budget centred systems.
Nathan 7 дзён таму
6 months later these are still unavailable.
Core Blaze
Core Blaze 8 дзён таму
And people are still asking for about 90-100 dollars for a 3770...
Lurker1981 10 дзён таму
Why the G comparison when that one is specifically bad at CPU tasks but doesn't need a graphics card?
Brew City Gardener
Brew City Gardener 13 дзён таму
Seven months later and you still can't buy a 3300X
Farid Maulana
Farid Maulana 5 дзён таму
You can, but it'll cost you $165++ hha
JJ Kubis
JJ Kubis 14 дзён таму
Linus: intel sucks ass ...and today’s sponser issss intel😑
Danyal A.
Danyal A. 14 дзён таму
3300x is OOS everywhere though
Nicholas Brennan
Nicholas Brennan 17 дзён таму
I'm not sure I understand something, I have a 10700k CPU and I should upgrade to AMD because single-digit frames gain is worth it? Yeah no thanks I'll stick with my more than able Intel CPU and not spend nearly $1,000 to get an extra 4 to 6 frames a second.
ajddavid452 3 дні таму
that's now what he meant, the 10700k is still a better cpu because it has more cores, he was comparing it to the 7700k, and heck even if you have the 7700k this cpu isn't worth it, this cpu is for people who have a really old pc, or no pc at all
yammie simp
yammie simp 19 дзён таму
I coomed
bharti jha
bharti jha 20 дзён таму
Everyone gagnsta till nividia launches it's processors.
Harris Cline
Harris Cline 20 дзён таму
It's crazy. My friend spend extra to buy a i3 for his new pc setup and I got a Ryzen 3 3100... he was so dissapointed with his purchase
Sean SR
Sean SR 21 дзень таму
mike n
mike n 8 дзён таму
Because its a bad run of the 5000 series cpus lol they had enough to market then shut it down anymore stock. I beleive nvidia did this with two different "types" of gtx 480s back in the day
Big Pahadi
Big Pahadi 21 дзень таму
Ryzen 3 3300X GTX 1650 super 3200mhz ram 2x8gb Tomahawk B450 550w PSU bronze rated for music production, video editing and gaming is it good enough?
Big Pahadi
Big Pahadi 6 дзён таму
@Maikeru Yeah, I've watched like 100+ Reviews lol still haven't come to conclusion
Maikeru 6 дзён таму
@Big Pahadi you’re welcome. Watch some reviews too, just to be sure
Big Pahadi
Big Pahadi 6 дзён таму
@Maikeru thanks man it is priced almost the same as the 3300X and for a 10$ more I could get the X version
Maikeru 6 дзён таму
For editing a ryzen 2600 is better, hence more cores and threads. It’s more expensive though
Malek Uvesh
Malek Uvesh 22 дні таму
Can any one Help me out about my question it's very important for Budget normal Gaming pc builders, if graphics card dies so display and games can't be played, but can we do normal pc use by usin display port of motherboard ?. My FX 8320 has been left alone by Graphics Card My Gigabyte 990XA don't have any display port so my pc stuck. That's why I am asking can we use Ryzen 3100 without Graphics Card ?.
Malek Uvesh
Malek Uvesh 19 дзён таму
@Marciles , Thanks for answering, I still have a request, Currently due to lockdown effect on my economy I can't purchase and build new one. Can you help me out by just Trying to run PC without graphics card and for display port you should use Motherboard Video Output connection.
Marciles 19 дзён таму
you need a video card
Welp I guess i am stuck to i5 9400f cuz of mobo huh
G1ades 24 дні таму
*Laughing with my Ryzen 3 2300X
Mohammad Hammad 4968
Mohammad Hammad 4968 24 дні таму
Who's watching after the Zen 3 Launch?
Satria41 24 дні таму
What about Ryzen 5 3500X?
Blue-Squirrel-12 25 дзён таму
I’m going to get a ryzen 3 3100 and then get the ryzen 5 5600 next year
Mastro iTek
Mastro iTek 24 дні таму
why not a 5600 in 1 week?
GrandeGio 25 дзён таму
Why I can't buy a 3300x?
SupaGoodAtLife 26 дзён таму
so i was building my first pc and i heard really good stuff about this cpu so i looked up reviews and just shit myself seeing this
utub 26 дзён таму
The 3100 is fuckin insane
Naoboyz Parkour
Naoboyz Parkour 27 дзён таму
The Ryzen 3 3300x is out of stock now☹️
Viraj Rastogi
Viraj Rastogi 28 дзён таму
Year 2060 My grandson to me Grandpa look I have a new pc Me ok what cpu Intel In what
Gill Smith
Gill Smith 26 дзён таму
ur not having kids. watch your back on august 27th 2025
J. D. Ridenour
J. D. Ridenour 28 дзён таму
I've noticed a major uptick in youtube videos having moments that repeat themselves like at 1:58 in the past month or so. Is there some sort of conspiracy here? Especially prominent in tech.
AyanAbrarOfficial 28 дзён таму
AMD Fanboys: Buy AMD. They are cheaper and provides better performance *AMD Increases prices as they earn more market share and becomes monopoly* Also AMD Fanboys: A company is getting more market share. It is reasonable for them to increase prices. AMD is always better than Intel even if Intel makes cheaper and better processors in the future. Same goes for Intel fanboys and NVIDIA fanboys.
Naturecall Akbar
Naturecall Akbar 29 дзён таму
sadly 3300x cost became closer to 3600
Matthew McClain
Matthew McClain 29 дзён таму
You shoulda done the benchmarks with a cheap graphics card so we could see what a budget rig would preform like
Klover Месяц таму
I need yall help. Ryzen 5 2600 or Ryzen 3 3300x?
Elfaran Elasul
Elfaran Elasul 25 дзён таму
3300x for me
Wahinies Месяц таму
Unobtanium :( can't even get the 6C/6T 3500 easily stateside. Its pretty much 2700X to 3600, quite a jump. Maybe it's a good sign they are all popular?
Joe Jia
Joe Jia Месяц таму
Shots fired, to the corpse
Christopher Imperiale
Christopher Imperiale Месяц таму
Linus, delete this misinformation. The Ryzen 3 3300X is a myth. It cannot be bought, ANYWHERE. It does not exist. It is but a legend. How dare you?
douglepong Месяц таму
AMD dicking over Intel makes me happy. I need them to dick over Nvidia somehow.
ninja 1000
ninja 1000 Месяц таму
i bought mine here in the Philippines for the r3 3100 is 119$ i pair it with my gtx 1650super and it works great. it runs genshin impact in max resolution 1.2 , and call of duty warzone medium settings it runs smooth 70-90fps. i love it. its a budget build.
Fadi Dreadnought
Fadi Dreadnought Месяц таму
This was convincing. i'm new in team Red. with the 3100 i can say that i'm very satisfied with it. I'm proud of leaving my "blue Jacket" =)
Blitz Court
Blitz Court Месяц таму
I’m glad I made the good choice of picking my ryzen 3100 with the msi b450
AllAboutLush Месяц таму
What about ryzen 5 3500x?
Hasura P
Hasura P Месяц таму
Bro, Price has been increased now in India
rolla Месяц таму
I'm Definitely gonna get 3300x
Alexandre Menino
Alexandre Menino Месяц таму
the prices are outdated in the video here are the new prices ryzen 3 3100: out of stock ryzen 3 3300x: out of stock i researched many american and european websites and i think these values are prety accurate
Grant Cai
Grant Cai Месяц таму
Why does Linus have a Katana behind him
Rahul Anand
Rahul Anand Месяц таму
anyone else notice the frames?
Michael Skinner
Michael Skinner Месяц таму
Can you guys do an in depth review on the B550 and 570 boards, along with Ryzen athlons and ryzen 3-7 vs first and second gen ryzen, along with the new 4000G's vs 3200-3400G's? I like the idea of a microATX with four memory slots that can start off with either an old ryzen 3 1300 or new Athlon and have a path to a 3950x with support for 128GB 3200mhz ram. I saw a board for $100 and thought of the possibilities... Also, a 500GB to 1 TB ssd is Actually now budget-able! I remember when they used to cost an arm and a leg! Is there Any reason Not to have a new build without an SSD? What about a scrapyard wars for this year??? I would think with the release of Ampere that GPU prices would go down?
Irfan Fauzi
Irfan Fauzi Месяц таму
Hey Linus, please make a video about RAM overclocking in BIOS, looks like u have a 16 gig 3600mhz running on cl14, thats impressive for me
Mystic Ranger
Mystic Ranger Месяц таму
Man gets 1 mill.view in all 3 examples non chalanrly and thinks that is not popular meanwhile other channels.with over mil subs can barely get 50k anymore lol
Rodianos 5
Rodianos 5 Месяц таму
The 9100 is 25$ cheaper and faster in gaming.Am I missing something here?How is the 3100 a better option?
Βασίλειος Μπεσλεμές
Βασίλειος Μπεσλεμές Месяц таму
so, the 3300x was a zen3 cpu before zen3
Psychedelic Mind
Psychedelic Mind Месяц таму
Im doing a budget build for 500$ already got a nice B450m, 16GB RAM, and a Ryzen 3 3100. What budget graphics card do u recommend to pair with that processor?
Peter Pipe
Peter Pipe 23 дні таму
Gtx 1660 super
Mr. Sodium
Mr. Sodium Месяц таму
hmm... I wonder if there will be a ryzen 3 5000 series that outperforms the i5 10400/10600k
Sky High
Sky High Месяц таму
Comparing "just for gaming" 9100f out performs the 3100 and is at par with 3300x, and is 25 dollars cheaper than the 3100. Currently the prices are lower than that too. So, why not intel for "just gaming" Linus?
Adam Evans
Adam Evans Месяц таму
Love the usa on the Canadian 100
Gabe Месяц таму
Amd 3 3100 or intel i5 9400f
MarioBro 64
MarioBro 64 Месяц таму
Gonna be building a new system soon with a ryzen 3 3100, 16gb of ram and a 1070 founders. Can't wait till everything ships in
Jhon Christover
Jhon Christover Месяц таму
Even my old reuter is 5,8ghz....intel why?
cwli1 Месяц таму
Head of Intel: "Some software runs faster on an Intel because some greedy people were offered cash to write their software with the Intel compiler, the one that secretly detects who's processor it is first before deciding if top speed is needed. The benefit is that people can put food on the table. I thought it was illegal to avoid tax and bride people to only use your products. So, pay tax, be honest about how much tax we've actually paid, don't bribe anyone and stop slapping a new number on the same processors every time a tiny competitor launches a new processor. Got it. Thanks for the advice. Why oh why didn't anyone tell me this years ago? There has been a tiny whisper that someone was waving big college-student checks near the Dell, Hewlett Packard, Acer, Lenovo dinner tables if they correctly predicted which trucks will be delivering the wrong processors to their factories. Incidentally, the people around Germany got to see college students Media Markt (Europe's biggest computer seller) take part in the daytime television game show "Guess the Truck". A strong slow aroma drifted over the fence from a neighbour's barbeque that if Intel eliminated their competition then only the LATEST Intel SSD would work with the newest processors but it was just smokey sausages. Luckily, security cameras caught the university professors Userbenchmark and PassMark putting their greedy hands into the padlocked Intel cookie jar again. I don't feel safe at all any more. But, don't worry, the police will be onto them reeeal quick. This is a private message for our fanboys ONLY: maybe, just maybe, there's a teeny tiny bit of truth to the idea that someone else might make faster processors? Ouch! Get off my leg. You're not my pet. How do you get rid of this thing? I also have a famous mega family but right now I think I need to visit some of my rich uncles, uncle Googie and uncle Amazy, to pass on some of these new tips so that they don't get into trouble with the law. And by the way uncle Amazy is the one who sells all our processors out of his garage, along with several fridge magnets. At least, that's what he told me. He says that the garage is where he keeps his 1535 cars but as none of them have worked for the last 14 years he's been getting rides from auntie Ubee's cars. I really think it's time she starts paying tax too. Oh and you can keep your money too. We don't need any more of it, thank you very much."
Pranav AK
Pranav AK Месяц таму
Is the ryzen 3 3100 and an rtx 2060 a good combo?
CyberDraws Месяц таму
Im buying a pc in black friday.
scrubseatfarts e
scrubseatfarts e Месяц таму
The only way intel can win if they lower the prices
Pure Heroin
Pure Heroin Месяц таму
WTF is happening with the 3300x? Can't buy it anywhere in the UK, the only place I found it was once from ONE company in a pre build pc.
Pure Heroin
Pure Heroin Месяц таму
@elbitxo i finally found a bundle i was willing to buy. A b550m motherboard with 3300x for 220GBP. doesnt come with any original packaging though as the company confirmed they are just selling stock that AMD sent them for their system building department. seems like they are taking advantage of the shortage to make an extra buck.
elbitxo Месяц таму
it's out of stock everywhere, and the few sites with stock are selling it more expensive so, at this moment it isn't that great of a choice.
shintot Месяц таму
Pfffttt im using ryzen 3 2200g
Paras Arya
Paras Arya Месяц таму
Just bought the 3100
Dev Sinharoy
Dev Sinharoy Месяц таму
the 9100f is still doing well against the 3100
Robert Etzenhouser
Robert Etzenhouser Месяц таму
1:53 what Linus literally said the same thing twice😂
DewGaming Месяц таму
3300x is insane for its price, i have had mine for some time now, and im really glad for it. Went from i5 8600k and cant even feel the difference for less price. AMD has really gotten better CPUs over the time.
Malcolm Holmes
Malcolm Holmes Месяц таму
Weird u made a slight downgrade... but the benefit going for the AM4 platform is that it hopefully supports zen 3 for u
R41N Месяц таму
I've been using Ryzen 3 3200G at stock with no GPU lol
luke Месяц таму
anybody who would buy a used cpu is an idiot. the risk and margin for error are way too high
Malcolm Holmes
Malcolm Holmes Месяц таму
Depends how old and how abused it was. I would probably stay away from high end cpus that probably would have been overclocked but low cpus that were probably gently used for Facebook and checking email will probably still last the expected 15-20 years
Musa Farouk
Musa Farouk Месяц таму
Looking for 3300x! Where can I buy one???
Momcilo Lukovic
Momcilo Lukovic Месяц таму
AMD Ryzen 3 3100: 100USD Intel Core I3 9100F: 75USD The guy in the video: The AMD is about 20USD more then the Intel. The 5USD difference: Am I a joke to you?
Erick Месяц таму
damm, I just realized how fast the times passes by, I remember the young Linus with baby skin, and now you can see that wrinkles on his eyes, but by far my favourite tech channel for over 10 years
Adaaam Месяц таму
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Месяц таму
I3 9100F is 40 dollars new where Im at, sorry but I'm going with that cpu now
Tax-fraud-o-saurus Месяц таму
No hyperthreading lol
MythicC3 Gaming
MythicC3 Gaming Месяц таму
Time Traveller : What CPU you use Me : Just switched to AMD from Intel Time Traveller : What is Intel ?
bullZz24 Месяц таму
0:26 Even Intel's CPU names say OOF.
NerdistRay Месяц таму
30 fucking dollars for a water bottle!!? 5:50
Vysakh Haritharsion
Vysakh Haritharsion Месяц таму
I was thinking the same thing.
yahazehal 2 месяцы таму
What can I use to with 1650s amd 3100 or i3 9100f?
M 2 месяцы таму
I purchased 3100 and boy I wasn't disappointed
M Месяц таму
@yahazehal 3300x wasn't available at the store so
M Месяц таму
@yahazehal 1030
yahazehal 2 месяцы таму
What's your gpu
RAF RAF 2 месяцы таму
I'm so hyped
Klarence Bondoc
Klarence Bondoc 2 месяцы таму
Core i3 9100f is about 37 dollars in our country now
Cdek Ibalio
Cdek Ibalio 2 месяцы таму
Can someone explain why there are Ryzen 3 cpus that is faster than Ryzen 5? Because what I know the higher the number, the better/faster.
Elliot Fang
Elliot Fang 2 месяцы таму
because they have higher clock speeds, and games usually don't scale well with multiple cores
Fish Guy
Fish Guy 2 месяцы таму
In like 5 years: Who remembers intel?
Orlando Souza
Orlando Souza 2 месяцы таму
At 1:40 you said 30 dollars more, but it should be 40 dollars more.
Anish Hegde
Anish Hegde 2 месяцы таму
who is watching this after the reveal of tiger lake intel cpu's
Camila Soler
Camila Soler 2 месяцы таму
Gracias por el vídeo! Espero tengas más vídeos subtitulados al español jejeje
Airwipe 2 месяцы таму
“Nobody cares.” “1.4m views”
Husain B
Husain B 2 месяцы таму
where is the clock for clock comparison? looks to me like clock for clock, intel wins lol - same for core for core
Subhajit Routh
Subhajit Routh 2 месяцы таму
Here in India on offline stores ryzen 3 3100 costs only 95.25 dollars and ryzen 3 3300x costs only 120 dollars 😂😂😂 anyone feeling jealous??
Ali Emirmahmutoğlu
Ali Emirmahmutoğlu 2 месяцы таму
so what should i get intel i5 9400f or ryzen 3 3300x
Gulity sin
Gulity sin 2 месяцы таму
Next make video about after market cooler around 50$
Kaype 2 месяцы таму
Im trying to upgrade my old pc using i5 2500 and an old asrock motherboard with something a little more recent under $300 total. Should I go with an i3 10100 or just ryzen 3? I’ve never use any Radeon or AMD anything before I’ve just stuck to intel and Nividia. I have a gtx 950 also but I’m not upgrading that for a while since I don’t play that many demanding games
Vinay kumar Bantubilli
Vinay kumar Bantubilli 2 месяцы таму
3300x vs 3200 vs 3100 Which is better
pusi ga
pusi ga 2 месяцы таму
i5 9400f is cheaper by 10 euros plus its better for playing games so I don't know wtf are you talking about plus you are comparing 7th gen with newest amd, im all for bang for my buck so I don't know why are all this fan boys celebrating, i7 7700k was great when it came out, there is rly no point comparing old technology with new and than saying haa new wins, bravo genious
S V 2 месяцы таму
I'm confused by all they hype. Linus' videos make it sound like Ryzen is the best, but userbenchmark shows Intel still makes the fastest chip. Which is it?
SUPA Siblings
SUPA Siblings 2 месяцы таму
Amd's Athlon and K series is when they punched the bully. FX is where they got koed now they are pushing the already pushed skull of Intel down a clidd
Petra Arkanian
Petra Arkanian 2 месяцы таму
XLR EAGLE 2 месяцы таму
Lol...shpuld have waited and got the 3300x....I got the 3500 6c/6t...its India only version still its good....like really good
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