Deion Sanders wins first game as Jackson State head coach [HIGHLIGHTS] | ESPN College Football

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4 дні таму

Watch highlights of the Jackson State Tigers’ 53-0 victory against the Edward Waters Tigers as Deion Sanders pick up his first win as a college football head coach.
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Tyronne Person
Tyronne Person Годину таму
thought football season was over
benny whittler
benny whittler 2 години таму
Prime didn't even have a mask on
Supa Stackman
Supa Stackman 2 години таму
B Morris
B Morris 2 години таму
Give Primetime 4 -6 yrs and he’ll been at FSU.
Jerome Simpson
Jerome Simpson 4 години таму
Prime Time is still Prime Time
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 5 годин таму
Troy a real one for showing support & encouragement to Deion & an HBCU in Jackson St.
Man Man
Man Man 5 годин таму
First game playing a trash school
Dustin Nelson
Dustin Nelson 5 годин таму
Who dat new Orleans
KC Martinez
KC Martinez 5 годин таму
I wonder if the that 1 Handed Catch on the Goal-Line came back because of a Holding Call, i wasnt too sure.
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 5 годин таму
FCS supremacy?
Joshua Trotter
Joshua Trotter 7 годин таму
also, mark my words , he will be the next head coach @ FSU . if they want to keep him around for any amount of time they better come up with a plan to keep his belongings safe while he is out there doing his job.
Joshua Trotter
Joshua Trotter 7 годин таму
What does HBCU stand for & why do they start their season in February ? ? ?
Terence Williams
Terence Williams 6 годин таму
If you dont know the answer to both ur questions there is a such thing as Google
Anthony Trumble
Anthony Trumble 7 годин таму
Is this jackson state university from jackson Tennessee
Zora Plays
Zora Plays 8 годин таму
6:48 “touching tyree hil”
supr latesn
supr latesn 8 годин таму
What a blow out
Eduardo Velazquez
Eduardo Velazquez 9 годин таму
Am I the only one who heard the announcer say it was an interception on the holding call? Lol🤦‍♂️
Skippz 1904
Skippz 1904 9 годин таму
Put HBCU & other small schools on the map again 🗣
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell 9 годин таму
This made me think of an article I wrote for my school newspaper about Eddie Robinson, (Grambling State) essentially overlooked despite being the greatest winning coach period!!! Much respect Mr Prime!!
Matthew Lipscomb
Matthew Lipscomb 9 годин таму
Troy sure was chewing that gum.
dana spraggs
dana spraggs 9 годин таму
Let’s go coach
Mi Ri
Mi Ri 11 годин таму
Much respect to EW a NAIA School (the lowest college division possible) for taking a game against a D1 School... Who's next on the schedule for JSU a Jr. College? Smh...
Justin Time
Justin Time 11 годин таму
Why are they playing so soon?
Darryl Marable
Darryl Marable 11 годин таму
Where was the defense?
Good Dude Mad World
Good Dude Mad World 11 годин таму
3:33 dude got folded
geoditt42 11 годин таму
This Game was a joke. You can tell from the 1st snap Edward Waters was completely overmatched. What will be his toughest test this season? Can they challenge NDSU for FCS supremacy?
JSUTI1995 11 годин таму
Ahhh ... WC Gordon ... those were the days! Let's see if those days return with D. Sanders.
Rick James
Rick James 12 годин таму
This is the first start of big time high schoolers who can't make the cut at big time schools. And finally and hopefully cut ties from D-1 schools and put money back in HBCS🤔
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops 13 годин таму
great W. Coach prime def makes me want to play for a HBCU. Sheduer def gonna be a problem next szn
Zane 13 годин таму
Hopefully they can compete with NDSU so the FCS championship can be interesting this year.
UnderStructureRepair 13 годин таму
I feel like Deon was the only phenom until Vick. There's no substitute for speed. I ran JV track for a while. I thought it would make me fast, make me popular, maybe get a girlfriend. What I got was beat up by the other guys so coach made me work out with the girls which I thought might be a hood thing at first , but damned if they didn't beat me up too.
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops 13 годин таму
Did Anyone Congratulate the Defense SWAC DEFENSIVE PLAYER of The Year KEONTE"BALLHAWK"HAMPTON
1 2
1 2 14 годин таму
This looks way to easy....who are they playing a HIghschool team? 🤨🤨🤨
Ibraahiym Kadessh
Ibraahiym Kadessh 14 годин таму
Neon-Deion serving notice. Have fun gentlemen.
Zakariah1971 14 годин таму
Is this division 10?
Zakariah1971 14 годин таму
Is this high school?
Brutus Smithers
Brutus Smithers 14 годин таму
Instead of a pizza party, Deion will give everyone some crack.
J 14 годин таму
ESPN buying comments now lmao
It’sAiden 2Cool
It’sAiden 2Cool 14 годин таму
Already better than Adam Gase
Levi Wykes
Levi Wykes 14 годин таму
They really need to establish a strong passing game.
Mark Stephan
Mark Stephan 14 годин таму
Thumbs down, how can you get excited about beating a Division II school? I'll get excited when he beats a quality FCS or FBS school. Who's next? A high school team?
milt 15 годин таму
And got robbed too!!!
haha falseflag
haha falseflag 16 годин таму
i thought football didn't start until august?
Adan Sanchez
Adan Sanchez 16 годин таму
I wonder were in America there are all "Hispanic"/"Latino" Universities?
Alex Gabriel
Alex Gabriel 16 годин таму
Why TF no one has a mask on
Dank Daddy
Dank Daddy 17 годин таму
#76 a true lineman with a quarterbacks dream... I saw that throw he put some flare on it.
D Thomas
D Thomas 17 годин таму
I seen middle school play faster football..sheesh
Bobby Hampton
Bobby Hampton 18 годин таму
Did Anyone Congratulate the Defense SWAC DEFENSIVE PLAYER of The Year KEONTE"BALLHAWK"HAMPTON
Ben Barson
Ben Barson 18 годин таму
Redshirt senior. 🤦🏾‍♂️
PGM_kocainecowboy 18 годин таму
They play college football in February 🤷🏽‍♂️🤔🤔
Christopher Davis
Christopher Davis 18 годин таму
Was really looking forward to watching the defense. But good win!
ope g
ope g 19 годин таму
I like the announcer who described the holding call hes good
Jahi 19 годин таму
If I react to this are y’all gonna copy right me man? This video would be great
Robert Lucyk Sr
Robert Lucyk Sr 19 годин таму
And I am so glad Deion got his stuff back !! Nothin like winning your first game and getting your stuff stolen.
MassGainingGuy 19 годин таму
Southern Heritage Classic 2021 Jackson State vs Tennessee State
MassGainingGuy 19 годин таму
JSU is about to run up the scoreboard on some opponents!
Jomari Mendoza
Jomari Mendoza 19 годин таму
He’ll be coaching USC soon
Bobby Jones
Bobby Jones 19 годин таму
Crappy league.
Maximinus Thrax
Maximinus Thrax 19 годин таму
how have they started playing already?
Kenzo Ebong
Kenzo Ebong 19 годин таму
Can you imagine the pressure that the cornerbacks on Jackson state are under.
Lujan Gaming
Lujan Gaming 19 годин таму
Oh yeah 😌👍
Akeem Jackman
Akeem Jackman 20 годин таму
They didn’t even play anybody...talking about playing a team that has a 3rd of scholarship players J-State has. Let’s see what they do on 6March against Grambling
Ben Fulton
Ben Fulton 20 годин таму
Why aren't Dion's Kids playing?
Patrick Carlisle
Patrick Carlisle 20 годин таму
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 21 годину таму
I don't think people realize how huge it was for Aikman to be there.
Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe 22 години таму
Did the first string stay in all game?
CutThroatah 23 години таму
Prime got them boys ballin
Caleb David Drake
Caleb David Drake 23 години таму
That block at 3:34 😮
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 21 годину таму
Took long enough
Empty Giddy
Empty Giddy Дзень таму
sad he got robbed
Scott Baillie
Scott Baillie Дзень таму
Congrats to Prime, but I've seen better semi-pro teams than Edward Waters, they look terrible and out of shape.
D Nice
D Nice Дзень таму
Deion Sanders need to help some of them out with a little bit of swag moves and a couple handshakes when they on the field celebrating after making a play Lol cuz they like jumping around & dancing after a TD or a good play they made. Good luck to all of them and hopefully they will have a good season & Coach Sanders starts his career in the league as Coach n does a great job at it.... Much respect to him n good luck on everything 👏🏾,,,,, try sneak him in one of the games for a play or 2 see how good is still LMAO. See if he still got it 😆😆🤣🤫🤭😉😆
Robert Westling
Robert Westling Дзень таму
Too bad the clown Troy showed up. I love Deion but Troy is a no class loser. Go JSU.
James Robinson
James Robinson Дзень таму
Deion Sanders I just got the report on Tiger Woods he survived the crash everything was good do you have to use the jaws of life to pry him out safely he did have some bumps and bruises but the other victim survive nobody died when they called the unit he was not Dead on Arrival so that's a good thing incident report I found that golf is a sport maybe she play one day it's represent tigerhood cuz you already know we from the hood already down to earth real nigggas
C Whiting
C Whiting Дзень таму
Im confused why there is college football in February????
Pap Master
Pap Master Дзень таму
Neon Deion is Goat CB.
clfoster3310 Дзень таму
Wish Deion nothing but luck. Hope he has a very successful coaching run. I would love to see the rise of the HBCUs again.
R'shawn Santiago
R'shawn Santiago Дзень таму
@5:33 How tf he thinks that it was intercepted 😂
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy Дзень таму
this really was amazing for other reasons than football Im proud today of all these men and women behind this team.
Lucid Shotsss
Lucid Shotsss Дзень таму
That quarter back is on fire
Joseph Beatty
Joseph Beatty Дзень таму
How are they playing so soon?
Emilio Garcia
Emilio Garcia Дзень таму
That wasn’t Aikman that was Jay Z.
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy Дзень таму
looks like AA high school ball
booshaw24 Дзень таму
Is the pandemic over?
Swag Mcgee
Swag Mcgee Дзень таму
Took long enough
Jordan January
Jordan January Дзень таму
My dad and my brothers old mumator Jackson State. Represent Dion. wish I was old enough to see my dad and wish I could've saw my brother PLAY. This ones for you dad Calvin brother Javerro
Htown Boy
Htown Boy Дзень таму
Why is their football going on?
Nick Rides
Nick Rides Дзень таму
This feels like a high school of luck peon Deion...
Brian Evans
Brian Evans Дзень таму
Deion gone bring the Prime Time to Jackson State!
Cedric Bost
Cedric Bost Дзень таму
Brings tears to my eyes to see my dear ole college home on espn!! Thanks coach prime and the rest of the trailblazers on that team!!
Raynaldo Rodriguez
Raynaldo Rodriguez Дзень таму
Why are they playing now in February and not in September
Dr Johnson
Dr Johnson Дзень таму
Are they pIaying now because they didn't have a season Iast year, this conference, deIayed?
Refuge Kids
Refuge Kids Дзень таму
Feel like I’m watching the real life version of Key & Peele’s football team
Victor Hardin
Victor Hardin Дзень таму
Primetime is and will always be the MAN.
Torrey Robey Sr
Torrey Robey Sr Дзень таму
I thought his son was the quarterback?
John Sparks
John Sparks Дзень таму
Coach Sanders is a class act. He's smart. He knows football. He refuses to compromise his standards for anyone or anything. This man is a winner. Period. Anyone who doesn't realize we're looking at a future NFL HOF Head Coach has their head in the sand. My one and only prayer is that Coach Sanders is the man who replaces Mike McCarthy in Dallas. Deion deserves to coach America's Team. The sooner the better.
Kieth Stone
Kieth Stone Дзень таму
looks like AA high school ball
Donnelle Bivens
Donnelle Bivens Дзень таму
During this game the locker room and coaches office had stuff stolen from it. They’re gonna have to ramp up security.
Cfo DC
Cfo DC Дзень таму
Did I miss something I thought College Football Season was over.
ablk cowboy
ablk cowboy Дзень таму
that's good
lawrence holland
lawrence holland Дзень таму
They're playing football this time of year ?!! REALLY
Jay Dee
Jay Dee Дзень таму
I'm sofa king confused it ain't even college fball season?
716Beast Дзень таму
So nice of Jay-Z to show up for Dions first win
ourforgiveness *com
ourforgiveness *com Дзень таму
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