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I can't believe we made art using 3d pens and the best one won $5,000 for them and a subscriber! Subscribe if you want to be in our videos!
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ZHC Crafts
ZHC Crafts 6 дзён таму
Subscribe if you want to be in our videos :))
Skylar Craigie
Skylar Craigie 5 дзён таму
I’m subscribed already I love you guy’s keep up the great work 👍🏻👍🏻 Sup
Gaming with Mobina
Gaming with Mobina 5 дзён таму
I’ve been subbed to all ur channel and it’s my dream to meet u and me and my family are trying to save
Amanullah AJ offical
Amanullah AJ offical 5 дзён таму
fortnite pro master
fortnite pro master 5 дзён таму
Hi can I be in your next video because I just subscribe
BERHAT AKILLO 5 дзён таму
@Sadiyah M هضتت2ن
Remy Sandwith
Remy Sandwith 19 хвілін таму
i thought michele was gonna win
Dimitris Xaralampelis
Dimitris Xaralampelis 24 хвіліны таму
Melanie V
Melanie V 40 хвілін таму
Please stat putting words for what there saying I can’t hear if I’m in a loud place soooo
Xx LittleBrxwnBear xX
Xx LittleBrxwnBear xX 44 хвіліны таму
them: doing more that 100 pushups me: *cant even do more than 10 pushups*
Rachel Wood
Rachel Wood 46 хвілін таму
Wow definitely subscribing 😌
Gift Stephen
Gift Stephen Годину таму
I just subscribed
4NGii Годину таму
Wo sind meine Deutschen hier die die Snob Musik gehört hat!
josef Годину таму
Do you know why people die their hair? Write your answer down!!
Drag Bone
Drag Bone Годину таму
Im Crying a Filipino :DDDD
Elijah Gabrielle F. Capati
Elijah Gabrielle F. Capati Годину таму
Filipina here
Ernesto Tusoy III
Ernesto Tusoy III Годину таму
2:06 dude he's lucky to go on a video call with them
miri ron
miri ron 59 хвілін таму
Is that you
Kokomi Toruhashi
Kokomi Toruhashi Годину таму
Soooo.... I've seen people getting a tons of likes just by saying random things Soooo.... Watermelon
yoki senu
yoki senu Годину таму
I feel bad for my fellow filipino
Ayana De jesus
Ayana De jesus 2 години таму
What? Bella merch?
L M Kell
L M Kell 2 години таму
did you know that they dont own the house it is leased
Gaming with Jude
Gaming with Jude 2 години таму
Good Job
Triangle Book
Triangle Book 2 години таму
Does the Drawing break? How solid is it?
Alice Chauvin
Alice Chauvin 2 години таму
Pancakes Yeah
Pancakes Yeah 2 години таму
Zhc 's house is a museum 😅😅😅
Sardes Ghoorbin
Sardes Ghoorbin 2 години таму
Now i have only 11
Sardes Ghoorbin
Sardes Ghoorbin 2 години таму
Hi i will cone when i will 25 years old
LaLa Penguin
LaLa Penguin 3 години таму
I eat poop 💩
Shima Rahmani
Shima Rahmani 3 години таму
i am
Anthony Serranilla
Anthony Serranilla 3 години таму
Rocket mr beast
Niraj Baral
Niraj Baral 3 години таму
Kaesha Jiao ⟭⟬
Kaesha Jiao ⟭⟬ 3 години таму
How many ZHC Filipino subscribers are there?
Yarım Olmayan Ada
Yarım Olmayan Ada 3 години таму
mr beast give 100.000 $ you give 5000$ wtf
Zikry Habib
Zikry Habib 3 години таму
Jake did planking wrong
Hawkwing 3 години таму
Before that girl said dragon I was literally thinking dragon.!!!! God is good.!!!!
Poppy Scott
Poppy Scott 3 години таму
Pls pick me to be in your next video I have been subscribed for ages and it would mean the world to me but I don’t have instagram would that be a problem
RosePlaysRoblox Posy squad
RosePlaysRoblox Posy squad 3 години таму
Hi pls could I have a shout out it would make my year u help a lot with my crafts :D
Troy Playz
Troy Playz 3 години таму
sikelelwa mahanjana
sikelelwa mahanjana 3 години таму
why didn,t you pick your girl
Shlok Mulay
Shlok Mulay 3 години таму
Ok ZHC I am your subscriber. If you are giving something for your subscribers I can't get it because I live in India and you guys live in America. So that's a bad luck for me.
Ian Corbett
Ian Corbett 3 години таму
I’ve subscribed
your life is a joke
your life is a joke 3 години таму
Alexandria Monique V. Saulo
Alexandria Monique V. Saulo 4 години таму
The subscribers are so lucky XD thats so much cash
Alexandria Monique V. Saulo
Alexandria Monique V. Saulo 4 години таму
pls teach meh art i is a art lover
Angela Hombergen
Angela Hombergen 4 години таму
Wtf de charli drink?
Sandra Mask
Sandra Mask 4 години таму
What's up
Astro Ace
Astro Ace 4 години таму
The Art Mrbeast
gao de
gao de 4 години таму, a Catholic news source serving the Asian region, carried a commentary article titled “China's genocide unlike any other” by Benedict Rogers on April 4, 2019. Benedict Rodgers is deputy chair of the U.K.’s Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, East Asia team leader at human rights organization CSW, and an adviser to the International Coalition to End Transplant Abuse in China (ETAC). He opened his article with the following statements: “China may be committing what one expert, journalist Ethan Gutmann, author of The Slaughter, describes as 'a form of genocide cloaked in medical scrubs.' Or what British MP Fiona Bruce, chair of the Conservative Party Human Rights Commission, described in a debate in parliament last week as 'a crime against humanity and … potentially nothing less than a 21st century genocide.' A crime unlike any other - the forcible extraction of organs from prisoners of conscience.” Falun Gong practitioners in Taipei stage a reenactment of the Chinese Communist Party's state-sanctioned live organ harvesting on April 23, 2006. The article continued by introducing the important work of The China Tribunal, which has been holding hearings in London about the organ harvesting abuses in China. “The China Tribunal panel, which includes lawyers, an academic, a senior medical expert and a businessman, will hold further hearings on April 6-7 in London, and will publish its final judgment in June.” The China Tribunal panel entered an interim judgment, following hearings in December, that they are “certain, unanimously, and sure beyond reasonable doubt that in China forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience has been practiced for a substantial period of time, involving a very substantial number of victims …. by state-organized or approved organizations and individuals.” Mr. Rodgers wrote that forced organ harvesting in China had been difficult to prove because the only living witnesses are the perpetrators: the doctors, the police and the prison officers involved. Any evidence left in a surgery room is quickly cleaned away after an operation. It has been called an “almost a perfect crime” because no victims have survived to testify. He wrote that former Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin told a hearing in the British Parliament: “On the street, if someone assaults you, you can scream for help. Tied to a hospital bed in the surgical room of a labor camp, no one can hear your screams. In China, it is the state itself that is involved in organ stealing." The forced organ harvesting is not only from death-row criminals but also prisoners of conscience, particularly Falun Gong practitioners. Mr. Rodgers referred to a report published three years ago by Canadian former secretary of state for Asia-Pacific David Kilgour, human rights attorney David Matas and journalist Gutmann titled, “Bloody Harvest/The Slaughter: An Update.” Building on their previous investigations, the researchers analyzed public records from 712 hospitals in China that had been carrying out liver and kidney transplants. Based on available information, they estimated that between 60,000 and 100,000 organs are transplanted each year in Chinese hospitals, and the source of the organs is questionable, as China has not had a tradition of voluntary organ donation. “Death-row prisoners may account for some, but as Chinese law requires that prisoners sentenced to death must be executed within seven days, it makes the availability of organs on demand from that source limited,” Mr. Rodgers wrote. “Furthermore, in China patients, including foreigners, are promised matching healthy organs within days, in contrast to most advanced Western countries where a patient waits many months, sometimes years, for a transplant. Researchers posing as patients made telephone calls to Chinese hospitals and had this confirmed,” Mr. Rodgers relayed. “That has led investigators to the conclusion that prisoners of conscience are the source. 'The end of this crime against humanity is not in sight,' they conclude. 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The United Nations should appoint a special rapporteur for human rights in China and hold a commission of inquiry. And if true, it requires urgent action to stop the murder of further innocents.” He rounded out the article by again quoting British MP Fiona Bruce: “As Bruce concluded: “Will we once again hear the phrase ‘never again’ spoken with regret when eventually the truth comes out? It is not the case that nothing can be done … It cries out to be addressed. Those who fail to do so will one day be held to account.”
Stephanie Amy
Stephanie Amy 4 години таму
...Потому что лишь с Радостью
TurkeyBro 2007
TurkeyBro 2007 5 годин таму
0:36 that's what she said
Adrian Uzumaki
Adrian Uzumaki 5 годин таму
Im from Philippines
Coolpig7 5 годин таму
Zach: there’s 5 minutes left Everyone: AAAAAHHH
squadrone MC of star
squadrone MC of star 5 годин таму
Oh it's Michelle my idle in tiktok
Mr carrot Rick
Mr carrot Rick 6 годин таму
Micheal looks like sakura
ethan briones
ethan briones 6 годин таму
jake and jazz both lost to the same move in the first round
lamar lamis
lamar lamis 6 годин таму
When nobody decides to make a minion: 😀🔫
Dafnie Ten
Dafnie Ten 6 годин таму
I have subscribe
Dafnie Ten
Dafnie Ten 6 годин таму
Keshannn Official
Keshannn Official 6 годин таму
2:05 proud Philippines
Gary Kaila
Gary Kaila 6 годин таму
Cool... . Art
Karen Romero
Karen Romero 7 годин таму
FreeStyle Gamez
FreeStyle Gamez 7 годин таму
Zhc is mr beast but art style
Anime Melody
Anime Melody 7 годин таму
3:59 cuteee i thought it was a panda
VRUSHALI KOTWAL 7 годин таму
Zach happy channel
Adam Younis
Adam Younis 7 годин таму
7 minutes of Plank I did 36 minutes of plank I swear and jazz yours is nice
Mohamed Sow
Mohamed Sow 8 годин таму
$5,000 and 100 what that is crazy 😂✍(●'◡'●)
Gamer Switch
Gamer Switch 8 годин таму
2:29 that girl looks like avani
Gian 8 годин таму
Filipinos is now SUMMONED
Aaron Uchiha
Aaron Uchiha 8 годин таму
Damn the dragon is so insane
anime pev192
anime pev192 8 годин таму
thers ah pilipino.. oh im pilipino
Renad Sultan
Renad Sultan 9 годин таму
I was gonna to the girl Who has plankHere!
Thunder0508 9 годин таму
Swerte ni kuya naka sali sa vidd hahahaha awitt
Millie Taylor
Millie Taylor 9 годин таму
lalremsiami 21
lalremsiami 21 10 годин таму
My inspiration!! :))
Sama Ashoori
Sama Ashoori 10 годин таму
Honestly I thought jake was gonna win his is so cuuuuute
Naruto Otsutsuki
Naruto Otsutsuki 10 годин таму
Im from philiphines
Punavtage Warriors
Punavtage Warriors 11 годин таму
He is copying Mr.beast
Any Akram
Any Akram 11 годин таму
Dragon 🐲
XxWeezy_ExX 11 годин таму
Win 5000 sike I ain’t giving you all that
Jordan Salgado
Jordan Salgado 12 годин таму
You should pain the longest nail in the world
jawad khan
jawad khan 12 годин таму
Witch country are u in
Cj moya
Cj moya 12 годин таму
I like your art
pramod kumar
pramod kumar 12 годин таму
Bruh u r trying to be mr beast
King Koaly
King Koaly 13 годин таму
Jake: I'ma make Grogu's face Everyone who never watched Mandolorian: Welp now we know the name...
David Sailo
David Sailo 13 годин таму
I like the creeper beause i like minecraft
*Ambar* 13 годин таму
"Roses are red" "youtube is too" "I got my first like" "But why is it blue?"
meme chan
meme chan 5 годин таму
It's black
Elena Cholden
Elena Cholden 14 годин таму
Caylin Jeon
Caylin Jeon 14 годин таму
Ohhh ohhhh I have that... it is really hard to make
AC - 04CP 831120 Eagle Plains PS
AC - 04CP 831120 Eagle Plains PS 14 годин таму
michell looks wied without makeup
ULTIMATE GAMER 14 годин таму
tap my profile
Dane Nuku
Dane Nuku 14 годин таму
I have never been on a video before so watching other people looks like it is a dream come true for them.
Dane Nuku
Dane Nuku 14 годин таму
By the way my name is not Dane it is Kaylee I an Danes daughter and I an 10 years old. Some people say I am really good at art but honestly I don't think I am.
Megan Dolan
Megan Dolan 15 годин таму
why does mackenzie all ways win
Dane Nuku
Dane Nuku 15 годин таму
I love in Australia but I still love your amazing, spectacular videos. I all so love Unspeakable. I really liked your giant PS5 video can you do more of those.
Dane Nuku
Dane Nuku 15 годин таму
Sorry not love, live
Crizilyn Flores
Crizilyn Flores 15 годин таму
Danielle Evans
Danielle Evans 15 годин таму
I love your videos and the best one is the magnet one
a.samad a.hamid
a.samad a.hamid 15 годин таму
I love your videos! I wish you can give me your merch .. but I'm at the other country .. I'm from Malaysia [ I'm your subscriber ]
Luna the Russian blue Cat
Luna the Russian blue Cat 15 годин таму
Thought this was mrbeast for a second
SCAVENGER 2008 15 годин таму
You guys should get sanago in ur challenge he is great with the 3d pen
I'm Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbs To Me
I'm Legit Subbbing To Everyone Who Subbs To Me 15 годин таму
literally 99% of you wont see this but God bless you and i hope everyone becomes successful 💙💙💙💯💯.
MoriFN 15 годин таму
Mr Beast when he sees how much money was given: Mr Beast: Hm. **ZHC Why didn't you partner with honey?**
GZ wasTaken
GZ wasTaken 12 годин таму
Lol mr beast has included zhc in a few a challanges
Febee Vang
Febee Vang 15 годин таму
Derek Ortega
Derek Ortega 15 годин таму
1976ouch 15 годин таму
What kind of Baby Yoda is that?!?! It's Groguu actually. Me: YAS GET DEM FACTS RIGHT!!!
M Jag
M Jag 16 годин таму
i love you zhc
Olegarpia Eroisa
Olegarpia Eroisa 16 годин таму
Yes a sub from Philippines 🇵🇭
KANEKI mc mobile
KANEKI mc mobile 16 годин таму
She touched the tip 😆🤣🤣
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