Coreydon 70
Coreydon 70 9 годин таму
I hope PG runs into Shannon in LA one day and see if Shannon folds like he did with Tom Brady on the NFL Draft A Thon
Yachari kingdom
Yachari kingdom 9 годин таму
Russ number one on my list triple double King
Robert Murdock
Robert Murdock 9 годин таму
Rob every team dropped out because of ,COVID that’s why the lakers won one
probly zuited
probly zuited 9 годин таму
gimme shannon and jenny on all the smoke pdcast. I'm dying to know about them
Danilo Lucindo
Danilo Lucindo 9 годин таму
Jokic is 5th in steals
954roof 9 годин таму
Shannon offended that someone thinks they can guard his girlfriend. Rodman would shut Lebron down and have him crying before the first half was over
bill bangz
bill bangz 9 годин таму
Skip said MJ was the head coach? No sir Phil was the head coach. They give Jordan the credit for cleaning the arena after games...
Lynard Skynard
Lynard Skynard 9 годин таму
I can't wait till "I played in this league a long time so I know what I'm talking about" bafoon Shannon Sharp, is proved wrong again! I don't get it, doesn't he get fed up looking like a stooge all the time!
M Wodrazka
M Wodrazka 9 годин таму
"Aaron Rodgers not in top 50 players" - The only time this was true is when he was riding the bench behind Favre.
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas 9 годин таму
Robert Murdock
Robert Murdock 9 годин таму
Rob Parker Hollywood James a 6-8 foot Kevin hart man this is a riot; liked that high top fade
HOOLi GRiM 9 годин таму
Funny how all these superstars are "injured the last 1/4 of the season...I think LBJ and Harden and any other well known NBA player is sitting out the rest of the regular season to be fresh for the post season.
Whoadieson 9 годин таму
Shannon Sharpe is right, let him go
Hes_A_God__ 9 годин таму
Steph curry is the best point guard ever shay don’t forget it
Castlewood 9 годин таму
it aint westbrooks fault that anytime he get someone good on his team the other best player turtles cuz russ too alpha.
JR 08
JR 08 9 годин таму
Skip, that joker look is a little bit off
Lenny Leonard
Lenny Leonard 9 годин таму
Top 10
vinkata 9 годин таму
Wow1 🥳🤡🤣
Kubush 9 годин таму
Aaron "The Karen" Rodgers.
Boston Bandit
Boston Bandit 9 годин таму
Blah blah blah!
The I.E. Network
The I.E. Network 9 годин таму
i will never undestand the hatred skip bayless had for lebron its to the point now where its troubling
Rafi Wolffe
Rafi Wolffe 9 годин таму
This aged well
O P 9 годин таму
"As someone who has made as much money as Floyd.." But... "as someone who has spent as much money as Floyd" TOTALLY change the calculus...
Javari C.
Javari C. 9 годин таму
Skip, just who is in your Top 20 since it’s so exclusive?
Terrance Williams
Terrance Williams 9 годин таму
Can yall let my girl talk sometimes
KG 9 годин таму
1 on 1 Embid wins almost every time though.
Working Man
Working Man 10 годин таму
I wonder which team will retire Lebron's Jersey? Cleveland? They hate his guts. Miami? He promised them 6 titles and skipped town before giving them what he promised. Lakers? He's crashing and burning as we speak.
Jorge Baez
Jorge Baez 10 годин таму
Logan wins by knockout 4th round
Stay Diligent
Stay Diligent 10 годин таму
Think Lonzo he finally logged in when his brother got into the league.
kevin mix
kevin mix 10 годин таму
Don’t care about micheal anymore I’m tired of micheal and his damn stupidity get him off the show after Kevin Durant issue he’s a rat 🐀
whoppak 10 годин таму
Lebron will never pass mj. Anyone can surpass statistic if u played 18 yrs in the nba. But lebron can never win 6 titles in a span of 7 yrs.
Mduduzi Gazu
Mduduzi Gazu 10 годин таму
We need to pray for Gelo and hope he is doing well and in other aspects of his life, I would crumble under this pressure
Smitherin Wassabi
Smitherin Wassabi 10 годин таму
lakers in 7 😂🤣... 7th seed
Castor Troy
Castor Troy 10 годин таму
jimmy Conway
jimmy Conway 10 годин таму
A white dude wit 2 1st names what a joke.. Give Floyd the loot an save the 2 1st name crybaby a living chance
KSGO 10 годин таму
Didnt skip love lou williams on the clippers?
G. Nept Dadaaa
G. Nept Dadaaa 10 годин таму
A.I not a PG he’s a SG Magic Isaiah Thomas Steph curry than the last two kan be Russ and CP3
Mark Douglas
Mark Douglas 10 годин таму
Luka is clearly the best.
Icon Canadian
Icon Canadian 10 годин таму
Floyd has gone down to the bottom of the barrel.
MR. EXTRAVAGANZA 10 годин таму
Sharpe doesn't believe Jordan had the responsibility that LJ has night in and night out? Are you Fing kidding me? If MJ doesn't score the Bulls lose! LeBron also has to get other superstars on his team before he goes to another team! Having other superstars like Wade, Bosh and Allen carries less responsibility, LMAO! 4-6 record in the Finals, LOL! I like my GOAT MJ's 6-0 record a lot better!
Jesse Trejo
Jesse Trejo 10 годин таму
I never listen to what skip ways. He’s wrong most of the time.
Marcel Ndje
Marcel Ndje 10 годин таму
Mayweather wants respect, but fights Jake Paul. Completely normal😂
Rene Diaz
Rene Diaz 10 годин таму
To say Joker outlasted everyone in the league to win the mvp is so cheap especially in a league of load management.
Todd Fox
Todd Fox 10 годин таму
How about we are tired of Brady
Phillip Reynolds
Phillip Reynolds 10 годин таму
This is classic Shannon and Skip!
VERBAL Kint 10 годин таму
Look at how the modern sports media misleads the public. What if the game plan for Giannis in the playoffs is to emphasize defense and share the ball and it leads to a title. By the ridiculous logic of modern sports media, they would give Giannis more credit if he goes for self and gets better stats while his team loses. Young kids, don’t listen to these idiots. They don’t care about the game. They care about narratives and their dollar sign bottom line. There’s a way to do both while keeping your integrity. ESPN and FOX is not an example of this. Listen but understand that it’s all for show.
André Campbell
André Campbell 10 годин таму
Russ is a great player but it's a stretch to say he's the 2nd best PG when you have players like CP3, Nash who are the ultimate floor general who elevates any team he gets on. Those 3 years after KD left Russ couldn't get OKC past the 1st round & it was always based on erratic plays & poor decision making not playing with control
Kyberson 10 годин таму
how do these guys get numbers.. its beyond me.. the world we live in.. its not fair
Marko Cvetkovic
Marko Cvetkovic 10 годин таму
This guy says truth
Shakeem Brown
Shakeem Brown 10 годин таму
Oh the good ol Triple Double...the most overrated NBA stat ever.
Von Roy
Von Roy 10 годин таму
Let Rodgers leave so we can see him fail somewhere else
biggf1974 10 годин таму
Don't let Mayweather fleece us for millions again!!!!!!
Rocco Casazza
Rocco Casazza 10 годин таму
Skip just used a descriptor of God to describe Paul fcking George in An NBA season opener 😂😑
Hommy Rodriguez
Hommy Rodriguez 11 годин таму
Nets not built to be champions. No defense and no dominant big man. You won't be able to handle Philly and Milwaukee.
Defness Real Talk
Defness Real Talk 11 годин таму
@5:52 Skip, What did that poor table do to make you turn red and cause this tantrum? 😆🤣
Trent Bullock
Trent Bullock 11 годин таму
The same way skip says Lebron makes excuses he does the same thing for everyone else outside of lebron
Demetrous E
Demetrous E 11 годин таму
Same movie 🎥👌
Nick S
Nick S 11 годин таму
Zo will be decent, but will not be the #1 pick he should be melo way better
Nick McCormick
Nick McCormick 11 годин таму
For some reason skip makes me hate the Cowboys and Jerry Jones more. I wonder what it could be?
Retrokix 11 годин таму
Shannon is easily imo the funniest sports analyst of all time. He has his stats, he battles one of the most ignorant sports analysts every morning and still brings great content. I watch this show for both of them, but Shannon Is easily the the main reason
Holidaayyy y
Holidaayyy y 11 годин таму
lol come on
Doug G
Doug G 11 годин таму
*M A H O M E B O Y*
Jus Living
Jus Living 11 годин таму
With regards to his role in picking the members of the Dream team it is clear Jordan lied about keeping Thomas off the team. Just be a man about it and admit it. Jordan in this matter lied and has no integrity.