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Fade2019 3 години таму
Enderchests: *am I a joke to you*
JerryKooper Official
JerryKooper Official 3 години таму
Number 10 is fixed on 1.17, but you have to be clever. I don't know of many farms that have utilized the new mechanic. Time to check up on Ilmango!
The_Hippo_Gamer636 3 години таму
This is a comment btw
Bum 3 години таму
AI 3 години таму
The best thing to do is combine the first 3
Ahmad yousuf sayeed
Ahmad yousuf sayeed 3 години таму
It will take a lot of effort to bring the gardian to home for security so we can use skulk snense and dispensor and some arrows to mke this
Luis Hundhammer
Luis Hundhammer 3 години таму
1:20 Thats GeminiTays Survival world!!!
Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs
Pre-Chewed Bread Crumbs 3 години таму
Playblo Pixasso
Krish Jain
Krish Jain 3 години таму
i like it how they worte maybe in brackets
John Prophet
John Prophet 3 години таму
I’m subbed dummy
Dying Rosebud
Dying Rosebud 3 години таму
Does Bruno Mars is gay and find the 9th wonder of the world I swear I love it
yurgon 99999
yurgon 99999 3 години таму
run up stairs while spamming jump button is fast
Akira The Axolotl
Akira The Axolotl 3 години таму
What about cross bows?
Cohben Chino187
Cohben Chino187 3 години таму
Also, about dropping items, if you hold control it drops the whole stack
xTraFilms 3 години таму
As Kylo Ren once said: "MORRREEE"
yorkyporky 3 години таму
Jacket games
Jacket games 3 години таму
why not store stuff in chests its ore efficient than all of these convoluted storage systems
Random GAMES
Random GAMES 3 години таму
AsherTheLegend 3 години таму
Him: BYpost says i only have 2 inches in subscribers Me: *Looks Down*
frog boy 21
frog boy 21 3 години таму
wow if evre plp subcribe you wood have 4 mill
JMC Masetriks
JMC Masetriks 3 години таму
(Every mason in the world including me) is typing...
Oneé-sama 3 години таму
Why did you use a wold from geminitay
Shocked Gaming
Shocked Gaming 4 години таму
somehow i got the bookshelves before i got an enchanting table
Brendan Clark
Brendan Clark 4 години таму
I subscribed upside down with my foot
Spark 4 години таму
Gtx 1060???!
AwesomeAg Playz
AwesomeAg Playz 4 години таму
I think that some of these aren't added cuz minecraft's point is to work in potato computers
GachaSina 4 години таму
Pause the video and go to 00:15 that are Tommyinnit T-shirts lmao
Aura Shorts
Aura Shorts 4 години таму
Honestly when it comes Down to this, I going to make a double chest
DedotronGames 4 години таму
"You can't respawn in the end" Respawn anchor: Am I a joke to you?
Jennifer Galaida
Jennifer Galaida 4 години таму
I knew about the beacon one were you can have more than just one color on a beacon.
TheLeafOfficial 4 години таму
Hey, it’s over 13 minutes
Vulk 4 години таму
Reason why this video sucks ...Read More
Vulk 4 години таму
Ghoost Ghost
Ghoost Ghost 4 години таму
Since flint requires an iron ingot in which requires a furnace so I mean thats probably why its used less
Vulk 4 години таму
Fun Fact! In Bedrock Edition, you can break a placed beacon with your fist and still get the beacon! I dont know if it works for Java Editon though.
courtney ludden
courtney ludden 4 години таму
Mah mind has been blown
Nolan Carr
Nolan Carr 4 години таму
did he just say 12 billion?
YuXia Shi
YuXia Shi 4 години таму
Me after watching #5: *YOU JUST CROSSED THE F*CKING LINE*
fox Boi
fox Boi 4 години таму
I would make a base above the nether but I can't build up there because u can't on mobile T-T Edit: also is it just me or have I got 2 abandoned desert villages in a 100 block raids no joke I have like 7 or 8 villages in 1,000 blocks and I swear my iron sword is broken because i killed 2 different drownds and both of them dropped a trident and I have no enchantments on the sword.
TheCyberous 4 години таму
12:12 the mail man
Glace 4 години таму
9:19 Skip = Tankman
Edward Brock
Edward Brock 4 години таму
Is it just me or is he in Geminitay’s let’s play world
The Doh Bros
The Doh Bros 4 години таму
BlessYouTrust God
Mr Fish
Mr Fish 4 години таму
11:00 really
xx4444xxDOTexe 4 години таму
Ive done the pirate ship one. It was honestly one of my favorite bases
xTraFilms 4 години таму
We know its about to get real when the thumbnail has minecraft myth busters
SergeantPotato 4 години таму
Harming 2 arrows are definitely the best item in pvp servers
Dark X Gaming
Dark X Gaming 4 години таму
I actually used the bee nest farm and it worked...😂😂😂😂😂
Sterling Miller
Sterling Miller 4 години таму
LordRazer3 4 години таму
I must be way out of date because I have never heard or right clicking with a axe
iW34Rglasses00 4 години таму
I actually found a zombie village and completely turned it around I built it back up healed some zombie villagers and have created a whole new city around it. Also the stronghold is right below and when I went to the nether the fortress was like 30 blocks away. Luckiest I've ever been
Anwyn Nunyabusiness
Anwyn Nunyabusiness 4 години таму
Sounds like a different BYpostr I know is in this video with his voice dats weird
melanie kendrick
melanie kendrick 4 години таму
How do I make my phone explosion
Masked One 1316
Masked One 1316 4 години таму
6:51 it should boil and evaporate but while it’s boiling it should damage the player.
fruity mcs fruiterson
fruity mcs fruiterson 4 години таму
July 18th is my birthday! ...
Roger H
Roger H 4 години таму
Tip: use control and q at once
buckdevilgamer 4 години таму
Actually not only lamas can kill you dogs can too
Kegwa 4 години таму
12:11 (paused): you put have twice. Read the sentence carefully.
norin decassy
norin decassy 4 години таму
Imp980 4 години таму
I first built my minecraft base in a ravine (In survival not creative) and at the time I didn't really know how to crouch and build anyways on the first block I fell and died since I was like 5 at the time I screamed and cried even though I could respawn I was pretty dumb. Glad I know how to build and crouch now.
Jacob Durrant
Jacob Durrant 4 години таму
I done it
dengthelion 4 години таму
They can get back to the overworld by trading
Rob. 4 години таму
Anyone down to play mc? (Xbox) my username is Yakisho
InglisMen 4 години таму
MaYisus 4 години таму
6:41 a-amogus?!!!?!
Jawed 2034
Jawed 2034 4 години таму
6:42 amogus
Ur local BHADDIE
Ur local BHADDIE 4 години таму
MIKAEL ANGEL 4 години таму
Mario music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kakarot gaming
kakarot gaming 4 години таму
I dont mean you are dumb or anything but they will change to creative mode
Monkey Man
Monkey Man 4 години таму
KATRINA F 4 години таму
series pls
bob lil
bob lil 4 години таму
He is in Gemini tays world but in creative ??? Anyway I think you should do 10 top rips how to kill the ender dragon 🐉 because I can not kill the dragon
Stuart Wright
Stuart Wright 4 години таму
Bro you just created an airbus in minecraft. Get 20 pigs and fly around
Eric Blecha
Eric Blecha 4 години таму
11:50 noice
Davina Patel
Davina Patel 5 годин таму
Did anyone realise that for a lot of the facts the scenery was in GeminiTay’s survival world
5 годин таму
A_eddieshah9 Roblox type A_eddie
A_eddieshah9 Roblox type A_eddie 5 годин таму
A shulker box filled with shulker boxes filled with shulker boxes filled with shulker boxes (you get what I mean)